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Updating Projects

How to edit a Project

Over the lifetime of a Project you may find that you need to update details such as the description or the Owner of the Project. These changes can be made using the Edit button next to the Project name.

How to change the Stage of a Project

If a Project has been added to a Board, you will want to update its Stage as it moves through the project delivery process.

To do that:

  1. Open the Project record
  2. Use the drop down menu on the right to select the Stage you would like to move the Project to
  3. The progress bar at the top of the Project record will update to match the current status.
progress bar at the top of the project record displays where the project is up to in the process. A drop down menu is displayed to show the Stages the project can be moved to

You can also update a Project’s Stage from the Project Board view, using drag and drop to easily move the Project between each Stage.

If you are using Multiple Project Boards, you can move a Project from its existing board to another. To do that from the Project Board, drag the Project card towards the bottom of the page. Here you’ll see the option to ‘Move to another board’. This can also be done when editing a Project record.

How to close a Project

Once a project is complete, you can update the Status of your Project to Closed. Closing a Project makes it clear to your colleagues that the project is complete whilst retaining all of the important information recorded on the record in Capsule.

To do this, when viewing a Project click the Close Project button in the top right to update its status. If the Project has a dedicated Board/Stage, you’ll need to select the option to Close Project from the drop down list displayed instead.

You can also close a Project directly from its Project Board by dragging the Project card towards the bottom of the page. Here you’ll see the option to either ‘Close’ the Project or to move it to another Board if you’re using Multiple Project Boards.

Project kanban view is displayed with a Project card being dragged towards the bottom of the page. Two buttons appear with the option to close the project or move it to another board

When a Project is closed, any open tasks on the Project, whether part of a track or not, will become in-active and are removed from the calendar. We’ll display a message to make you aware of this when closing the Project.

How to reopen a Project

You can reopen a Project at any time using the same button which will now say Re-Open Project. Reopening the Project will also set any incomplete tasks to active and they will reappear on both the Project and in the Calendar.

How to duplicate a Project

If you frequently create the same Project for a particular Contact, you can use the option to duplicate the Project in order to save time entering information over and over again. To do that, go to the individual Projectuse the Actions MenuDuplicate.

When duplicating an existing Project, details of the Project name and linked Contact will all be carried over to the new Project.

How to find a closed Project

When a Project is Closed it remains on the history for all linked Contacts. Capsule has a number of standard closed Project lists you can use to easily find these Projects. If you ever need to reopen a Project, Capsule makes it simple to find.

Project list view with the drop down menu displayed, with options for closed Projects in the last 30 days / 90days / year