Microsoft Outlook

You can action your emails and manage your data efficiently with the Capsule Microsoft Outlook Add-in.

How to Install

Capsule CRM integrates with your Microsoft Outlook inbox. This powerful combination is very easy to implement and use, but delivers big benefits to the way you run your business.

Connecting Capsule with your Microsoft Outlook inbox allows you to:

  • Get started quickly
  • Add contacts directly from your inbox
  • Link people to an organization
  • View open Opportunities and Cases for contacts
  • See details of other contacts within the email conversation
  • Keep Capsule front of mind for Outlook users, and encourage rapid user buy-in
  • Easily enter new sales opportunities for your contacts
  • Work where you want to / work from your inbox
  • Build a complete record of interaction - improve customer service/satisfaction by keeping a record of all details stored in one place.