Xero CRM Integration

From capturing that first lead, right through to creating invoices and taking payments, finding the right combination of CRM system and accounting solution is critical. Integrating Xero with Capsule CRM creates the perfect foundation to run and grow your business as efficiently as possible.

The Xero integration for Capsule is an easy-to-use and convenient solution to keep your customer data in sync. It gives you instant access to an overview of payment due dates, whether an invoice has been paid and any estimates provided. All of this is shown for your contacts without ever needing to leave Capsule.

  • Add customers and suppliers directly to Xero

    The integration allows you to work from Capsule and add customers directly to Xero, following them from the initial enquiry right the way through to a sale. You also have the option to add your suppliers if you need to do so.

  • Only enter data once

    Because Capsule is treated as the source for your contact data, it automatically keeps customer and supplier records up-to-date and syncs it to Xero. That means that you only have to update records in one place, minimizing the risk of mis-keying data and saving you valuable time.

  • View invoice history and overdues

    You can access a summary of invoices and overdue amounts from within Capsule, right next to your customer records. This means you can prioritise your workload and have a complete picture available when you speak to them.

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What do our customers say?

Capsule users view the integration with Xero as critical to managing their business. See what Marc from Caviar and Chips has to say about setting up the integration, and how he uses it day-to-day.

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Managing your finances in Capsule with Xero

Growing beyond spreadsheets and finding the right accounting software is an important step for your business. Here’s why Xero could be the right solution for you.

Connect Capsule to Xero to start seamlessly syncing your contacts and invoice information.

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