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Our CRM is more than just software for storing, gathering, and organizing customer data. It offers features that can improve your customer relationships, team productivity and also grow your business. Get started now – with Capsule's Free CRM.

100% Free

Capsule offers a free CRM that you can use forever. It has all the basic features – access for 2 users, 250 contacts, and 50MB storage per account. If you want to try our paid plans, we offer a free CRM trial for 14 days. No credit card required. You can cancel anytime. For the entirety of the 14-day trial, you can enjoy all the features and benefits of our enterprise, teams and professional plans. Your credit card will be billed once the 14 day trial period is over and monthly thereafter unless you cancel or downgrade your account to the Free plan.

Easy Set-up

Capsule has been designed to be simple yet powerful to use. Our free online CRM is easy to set up and configure. It's a cloud application that you can access through a web browser, so you can use it right away and take advantage of all the free benefits we offer. Just choose your company's default browser supported by Capsule, and you are ready to go.

Free Support

Complementing our free CRM software, we also provide free 24/7 support with our free CRM or throughout your 14-day free trial with our paid plans, regardless of your final decision to continue using our software or not. Our demos, user guides and informative blogs are free, but you can also contact us directly through our ticketing system, email, or social media.

Zero Downtime

Capsule has 99.99 percent uptime and automates backups in case of accidents or security threats. Our Support Team is always ready to answer your questions.

Online or Offline

Capsule Free CRM also functions online or offline–anywhere. You can already get access to our mobile app, including its iOS and Android compatibility, mobile offline support, caller ID support and tablet support, with our free CRM and 14 free-trial for our paid plans.

The best things in life are free - Why Choose Capsule

Free CRMs are perfect for a startup or small business owner with a small number of contacts and just a couple of CRM users. Most free plans limit the number of contacts and users, but they're a great place to start as they focus on the basics first. Much of the appeal in a CRM is the ability to customize the program to your company's personal preferences and specifications.

Get to know more about Capsule's free CRM below.

A CRM for All Industries

Capsule's free CRM can be used across a wide range of sectors that cater to all types of customers–especially industries that can benefit from a good management system such as Professional Services, IT and Technology, Construction, Accountants, Hospitality, Real Estate and Travel Agency.

Capsule's features help to open up the full potential of businesses across sectors.

For Companies of All Sizes

Small to medium size businesses need software that can help organize their growing customer base all while maintaining good relationships.

Capsule's free CRM can expand and scale based on your business size and needs. After all, managing customer relationships is essential no matter what size of business you are. It supports startups, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large-scale growth businesses or enterprises.

CRM for Key Professionals

A CRM may be a customer relationship management software that improves customer engagements and interactions, but it can also improve the productivity of your employees. Even in their most basic form CRMs can increase employee productivity, efficiency and security.

CRM with the Right Features

The best free CRM for your company will be the one that allows access to a wide range of the features for a small number of users. Having access will provide a good view of the CRM, enabling you to make an informed decision about whether the free or a paid version is a good fit for your business. Capsule's software is one of the best free CRMs that offers this.

Here's are a few features you should be able to access with our free CRM:

  • Easily store all the data you need for each customer.
  • Organize your contacts in a familiar way.
  • Store email conversations.
  • Customize and manage your sales pipeline.
  • Integrate with important business software.
  • Get one, full view of your conversion rate, sales pipeline milestones, and business forecasts
  • Track conversion rate, sales pipeline milestones and forecast in one view
  • Customer service support
CRM With Free Integrations

It should be easy to connect your most important business software to your free CRM using integration platforms such as Zapier, Make or via the CRMs API. Depending on your own capabilities or the skills of your IT department, getting your CRM to work seamlessly with other productivity or financial software shouldn't be a chore.

If you're new to business software tools and just getting started with Capsule free online CRM, it's worth looking at the best free plans available for them too. If you work it right, you may be able to connect all your most essential software without spending a dime.

Free CRM as a Stepping Stone

Our free CRM or our 14-day free trial for paid plans can both be your stepping stone to more wide-ranging CRM that can be used by colleagues right across your business. When the time is right, you always have the option to upgrade to one of our paid plans to continue growing your business, attracting and retaining customers and improving efficiency.

Get the Most out of Capsule CRM

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a basic CRM or a free CRM trial.

Limit the choice

If you're looking to move on to a paid plan, be realistic with the number of free trials you can manage at one time. You may see five to ten different CRMs as a potential fit, but can you test five thoroughly in a short amount of time? All free CRMs have key, bulleted benefits and features on their websites. By reviewing how the software works and how it can assist your workflows, you may be able to narrow a choice down to one or two.

Block out time

It's recommended to block out a few days or hours per week to assess the new CRM thoroughly. You'll need to import your data and test the functionality. Remember, as soon as you sign up, the setup emails will begin to guide you through the most critical steps. You'll get the most value if you follow the email sequence.

Import real data

You'll only get a true feel for the CRM if you import real data and assess how the features work with the customer information you have available. Take a test drive before you select the one you like, as it's often difficult to gauge the effectiveness of a program unless you can get a hands-on feel for its capabilities.

Customize what you can

Most CRMs will offer a degree of customization. Taking the time to test how easily this can be done during the trial will help set realistic expectations. The beauty of software is the ability to fine tune features to your liking. Everyone has an individual style and there's no right or wrong way to help you become more productive.

Connect your software

A CRM delivers the most significant value when it becomes the hub of your business making it easier to sync data with other apps. Each CRM will have a different way of displaying the data you pull in from an integration.

Invite the team

Your CRM is likely to be used by multiple people within your business all with different needs, so it's best to invite them to the trial. It's useful to invite the primary users of the CRM to discover how well it works for them too.

Explore support

When you implement your free CRM, you may need a bit of help every now and again. During your trial, you should utilize the support portals, knowledge base, watch the videos and email the support team.

What does the free plan include?

When creating a short list for the best free CRMs, Capsule should be at the very top. In addition to our excellent support team, our free plan includes:

  • Access for 2 users

  • Up to 250 contacts

  • 50MB storage per user

  • Unlimited customization to contact data

  • A fully customizable sales pipeline

  • Sales dashboard and activity reports

  • Unlimited bespoke workflows for opportunities or projects

  • Data segmentation tools - lists, filters and tags

  • Basic project management tools with Projects, tasks and calendar

  • Ability to sync your Capsule calendar with your own

  • Integration with Gmail and Mailchimp

  • Unlimited Zapier integrations

Choose the Right Free CRM for Your Business

Naturally, all free programs usually provide an option to expand your range of services as your business grows. Most software providers will offer two or three upgrade options, but be mindful that these could carry significant costs. Before you start the hunt for the best free CRM software, always analyze the free features and read the terms and conditions.

Make sure to choose the right free CRM for your business as to not waste time, effort and resources.

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