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Get the most out of Capsule with our video tutorials and walkthroughs brought to you by our friendly team.

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Capsule Basics

If you’re new to Capsule, we’ll walk you through the basics including how to set up new users, add Contacts and create Custom Fields.

Capsule Advanced

Learn how to use Capsule to its fullest with our advanced tutorials - including how to unlock deeper insights into your sales data and team performance.

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Add Your Contacts

It's quick and easy to add your Contacts. Here we show you how to add a single Contact and we also provide an overview of our import process.

3 minutes

Store Your Emails

A big part of using your CRM is storing your email communication - here we cover how to store this with our dedicated Mail Drop Box.

1 minutes

Add Custom Fields

One of the great features in Capsule is the ability to add Custom Fields. It's really quick to customize Contacts, Sales Opportunities and Cases.

4 minutes

Organizing Records

Organizing your records in Capsule is quick and simple - here we highlight how to achieve this through Tags.

4 minutes

Manage your Sales Pipeline

Here we provide an overview on how to manage your Sales Pipeline, along with how to best utilize some of our key features.

9 minutes

Gmail Add-on

Discover the benefits of using our designated add-on and watch us provide a step-by-step guide on how to set it up.

5 minutes


Cases allow you to organize and manage any work outside of a sales pipeline.

9 minutes

Outlook Calendar Integration

Here we cover the benefits of using our Outlook Calendar integration and also provide a step-by step-guide on how to set up.

8 minutes

Teams Plan: Roles and Teams Creation

Combining User Roles and Teams within Capsule gives you greater control over access to data within the account.

4 minutes

Teams Plan: Assign Records

Assigning records can be vital for account organization. We cover how this works alongside your records.

4 minutes

Teams Plan: Reporting

Take a look at the advanced activity and sales reporting on our Teams plan.

5 minutes

Report Breakdowns

Breakdown activity and sales reports, which will help you understand and evaluate performance across your account.

3 minutes

Google Data Studio Setup

Learn how to set up Google Data Studio using your Capsule data on the Teams plan.

5 minutes