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Our guide to build and maintain a winning sales process

Everyone goes through a specific journey when they turn from lead to customer. Fine-tuning that journey, and building a process that your...

Stay in contact with customers the authentic way

Communication is key, especially now. Read how you can adapt messaging and other communications to make sure they're timely and valuable.

Let's get more women in tech

While the tech sector continues to grow this year, it still falls behind when it comes to closing the gender gap. Here's what we're doing to change this at Capsule.

The easiest way to organize your CRM data

If you're looking for an easy way to organize your data, Capsule Tags and DataTags will help. Here's all you need to know.

How to be social when you’re distant

If you're wondering how to stay social while working from home, here are some activities we've found work well for the team.

Our remote workers share their challenges and tips

We spoke to our remote workers to find out their biggest challenges when working from home. From overcoming snacking and forgetting to clean your teeth, we've got it covered.

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