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Let's get more women in tech

While the tech sector continues to grow this year, it still falls behind when it comes to closing the gender gap. Here's what we're doing to change this at Capsule.

How technology affects our brain

Our recent research found 1 in 4 people don’t know their own mobile phone number and 69% don’t know their partner’s. Are we all at risk of digital amnesia?

How to improve sales conversion rates

Looking to improve your sales conversion rates? Here are 7 proven tips to boost your figures.

Customer loyalty helps your business grow

Treat your customers well, and they’ll be a lifelong advocate for your brand. Here are six tips you can implement straight away.

Leverage your travel agency CRM for an effective sales pipeline

An effective sales pipeline will secure your success in a travel agency. Here are seven steps to maximise your revenue using a CRM.

How to get teams using your CRM

Your CRM is only as good as the data in it, so how do you encourage people to use it? Here are some proven tips to keep your CRM alive.

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