CRM for Nonprofits

Our CRM for nonprofits will help you build the foundation so you can achieve the mission and vision of your nonprofit organization.

CRM for Nonprofits

Rapid implementation; rapid adoption

Realise rapid time to value by implementing Capsule quickly across your sales and marketing functions. Our self-serve onboarding process teaches you and your team everything you need to know to quickly adopt and utilise Capsule.

Accessible training program for all

We offer training programs that matches your organization's specific needs and requirements to help you identify the knowledge gaps and training needs of your staff and stakeholders. You can access our pool of resources during the implementation process or as you use Capsule.

User-friendly pages to view progress

With the help of our user-friendly customizable dashboards, key people in the organization, especially donors, can easily track and observe the direct impact of every contribution.

On the other hand, volunteers can use CRM's key pages to do administrative work more efficiently. For stakeholders, features like activity timelines and schedules allow them to interact with each other and stay updated with the latest information.

Extract maximum value from your stakeholders

Store up to 200,000 donors, or other volunteer contacts in Capsule's centralized database.

You can record and track all interactions with your contacts, helping you deliver better, more personalized value to your donors, volunteers and other stakeholders.

Lightning-fast customer support

When things don't go according to plan, the Capsule support team is here to step in. Our support team has a one day SLA, helping you the right help quickly and efficiently.

Integrate with (almost) anything

Capsule integrates with all your favorite software tools, ensuring your existing tech stack will work seamlessly with our CRM.

See all our integrations

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Connect your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Capsule to create an agenda view of the upcoming and past events for your Contacts.


Link Capsule with over 2,000 business and productivity apps such as Slack, Google, Formstack and much more to automate basic workflows and reduce admin time shifting data from one tool to another.


From capturing leads, to tracking customer payments, integrating Xero and Capsule together can help you understand the end-to-end financial health of your business.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks helps you streamline your accounting processes and stay on top of finances. Send, track, and collect payments quickly so you don't have to worry about manual accounting and bookkeeping.

Why nonprofit organizations need a CRM

CRM helps nonprofit organizations manage and cultivate relationships with stakeholders such as donors, volunteers, and other supporters, which is critical given the reliance of nonprofits on donations and volunteer support. Here's why nonprofit organizations need a CRM:

Donor and volunteer management

Personalizing communication and interaction with donors and volunteers helps them feel appreciated and valued. This can be achieved by addressing donors by their names and titles, acknowledging their previous donations, and tailoring messaging according to their interests and engagement history.

CRM for nonprofits helps manage donor and volunteer information, including contact details, donation history, and volunteer activity, facilitating personalized interactions, engagement tracking, and targeted outreach efforts.

Fundraising management

Fundraising management is crucial for nonprofit organizations. It provides essential resources to sustain the organization's mission and programs - for financial stability, project expansion, donor retention, and public awareness.

A CRM helps nonprofits manage fundraising campaigns, process donations, and track donor trends to identify areas for improvement. Fundraising-related data can be analyzed to refine fundraising strategies and improve future campaigns.

Program or project management

While CRM for nonprofits is usually used to manage people interactions and relationships among donors, volunteers, and stakeholders, it can also be used for project management in some cases.

Nonprofit organizations frequently manage a range of programs and initiatives that often involve numerous stakeholders and partners, a CRM can aid nonprofits in tracking program data, facilitating communication with stakeholders, and monitoring the impact of their programs. Project or program management ensures resources like budgets, equipment, and personnel are used effectively.

Reporting and analytics

Nonprofit organizations can utilize CRM systems to access up-to-date data and analytics for collection, analysis, and application. Reports and analysis can help them create detailed reports on their operations, donor engagement, and fundraising performance. These insights can help identify trends, patterns, and potential areas for growth and enable data-driven decision-making to improve overall effectiveness and impact.

Also, the real-time accessibility of information provided by a CRM system can help nonprofit members make informed decisions quickly, aligning with the organization's mission and goals, and assess and manage risks.

Streamlining tasks and boosting efforts

CRM can both enhance fundraising activities and boost productivity. It automates repetitive tasks, which can result in staff time and resource savings that can be allocated toward more strategic initiatives.

It can streamline and automate the following tasks:

  • Data collection and storage of member information
  • Email campaigns, newsletters, and other communications to donors, members, and volunteers
  • Scheduling of team activities and campaign initiatives
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Integration with other supported tools

Solve emerging problems with CRM for nonprofits

Despite their primary objective of addressing societal issues and serving the public good, nonprofit organizations still need to confront various emerging issues and challenges that can stop them from being effective.

Capsule CRM for nonprofits can help assess risks and solve or prevent these problems:

Financial stability

Despite growing competition for funding, nonprofit organizations must explore new sources of financial support to sustain operations. Nonprofits rely on multiple, yet unpredictable, funding sources - grants, donations, and government support.

You can better understand the financial needs and goals of your donors and volunteers and find more cost-effective solutions to use available resources.

Donor retention

Besides battling societal, political, and cultural issues, nonprofit organizations face challenges in attracting and retaining donors - the key people necessary to keep non-profits running smoothly.

CRM for nonprofits helps create more authentic relationships with donors and volunteers through tailored interactions - something that a central database with the right data and records can produce.

You can get the admins and volunteers involved in analyzing reports and donor touch points to keep these donors informed, engaged, and interested in the organization's causes.

Volunteer recruitment

Volunteer recruitment and retention remain challenging for nonprofit organizations as they require unpaid efforts but true dedication from volunteers. Volunteers may come and go because of financial constraints and time management problems.

A CRM can attract and retain your key people by making various tasks easier for them to handle and building more work opportunities that matter. Volunteers can focus their time and efforts on events and tasks for their causes instead of doing manual administrative and logistical tasks.

Take your non-profit on the move with Capsule mobile

Capsule mobile CRM helps you maintain relationships, donors, volunteers and stakeholders, anytime, anyplace. Here's how it helps the most:

Easy communication

Using our mobile app, you can easily call or send messages or emails directly from a contact's profile and view their location on a map. Key people in the organization with access to the CRM can easily connect with donors, stakeholders, and volunteers to give, share, or request updates - even when on the go.

Cross-functional collaboration

Capsule's mobile CRM includes collaboration features like task assignments, scheduling, and shared calendars, enabling members to remain organized and aligned toward their common objectives. Our mobile CRM can send out reminders or notifications to all key members of the organization to keep them updated and have all their updates and reports via mobile reflected in a single database.

Scaled-out social media presence

You can improve your social media presence with Capsule's CRM mobile app. You can plan your content and seamlessly share the impact of the organization on social media through its supported integrations, including real-time and location-based updates if required.

Offline access

Capsule's mobile app ensures that any changes you make are synced, even offline. Once you reconnect, all the changes you make will be updated automatically. This works for donors, volunteers, and stakeholders who need to access information while on the go or for nonprofit organizations with fully remote employees.

You can also collect field data even when offline to record necessary information that will impact your objectives. Think of it like a fully functional notes app that doesn't need an Internet connection.

Instant support

Connect with more people interested in your nonprofit organization through mobile. Through Capsule's CRM on mobile, you can answer inquiries and suggestions made by people outside your organization while on the go for faster response times.

CRM for nonprofits sparking change

If you're still exploring the many possibilities a CRM can offer, then Capsule is the right platform for you as we offer a free version for nonprofit organizations and training support for volunteers, donors, stakeholders, and other key people within the organization. With our free CRM, you can access all the basic features of our software solution to improve your donor and volunteer management, automate administrative tasks, and open your system to technologies.

We also offer a 14-day free trial for all our paid plans. During the trial you can use both the website version and mobile app. If you decide to proceed with a plan, you can choose from our four paid plans: Starter, Growth, Advanced and Ultimate.

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide

Capsule CRM's name is synonymous with integrity, productivity, and functionality. That's why we're trusted by thousands of firms worldwide—including non-profits, charities and other similar organizations.