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Best CRM for Small Business

Capsule's CRM for small business helps you achieve more with less time. You'll quickly feel more organized, in control of your sales growth and able to build deeper relationships with every customer, partner and vendor.

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Be instantly organized

Be instantly organized

We make CRM easy for small business. You'll instantly feel comfortable using and tailoring Capsule to suit your way of working.

Quickly pull your contact lists from spreadsheets or other software into Capsule and suddenly see all their details and interactions in one place, instantly streamlining your processes and putting you back in control.

Spend less time on admin and feel more in control of your day with Capsule tasks. Create them quickly in Capsule or if you use Google Workspace, direct from Gmail.

Easy to use and navigate; enough information but not overloaded with more than I need. I love the tasks feature and being able to generate lists from the tags associated with our clients.
One view of your customer

One view of your customer

Capsule connects all your business tools across email, accounting, customer service, and marketing, to name a few. Once linked up, customer data automatically feeds into Capsule, giving you one complete view of your customer.

Store all your partners, vendors and suppliers into Capsule too, tagging them to make it easy to search and communicate with them.

Complete control of your sales

Complete control of your sales

Our small business CRM makes it easy for you to track all your opportunities in a sales pipeline that's tailored to your unique sales process. You'll even be reminded to contact people after a set number of days.

Quickly see the activities and individuals performing well and the areas that need more focus, sharing best practice as you learn.

Stellar customer service every time

Stellar customer service every time

Create more personalized experiences, offer tailored solutions and show empathy more easily when all your customer information is in Capsule.

Watch how these authentic interactions build trust, encourage repeat business and generate positive word of mouth.

Make the most of networking

Make the most of networking

It's easy to transfer all your new contacts into Capsule and set reminders to stay in touch after meeting people at a meetup, conference or trade show.

Simply connect up their social media accounts to automatically update their profile picture so you know who you're speaking to - creating a connection right from the start.

All this can be done instantly through the Capsule mobile app, reducing the amount of admin at the end of the day.

Stellar customer service every time

We're the best CRM for small business

As your business grows, Capsule grows with you. Flexible enough to suit any new process or team creation and restrict access to sensitive information as more people use your CRM.

Throughout your CRM journey, our support team is here for you every step of the way. Our friendly experts answer every email and send clear, detailed advice every time.

Read how Red Circle Network's success with Capsule.

Integrate tools to do more for your small business

Capsule connects with other popular tools so you can get more done. Use an email list marketing tool such as MailChimp to send automated emails, use a webform service to send new contacts and leads into Capsule using a form on your website, and integrate an accounting tool such as Xero to manage invoices and bookkeeping.

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