Best CRM for Small Business

Capsule's CRM for small business helps you achieve more with less time. You'll quickly feel more organized, in control of your sales growth and able to build deeper relationships with every customer, partner and vendor.

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Best CRM for Small Business

Be instantly organized

We make CRM easy for small business. You'll instantly feel comfortable using and tailoring Capsule to suit your way of working.

Quickly pull your contact lists from spreadsheets or other software into Capsule and suddenly see all their details and interactions in one place, instantly streamlining your processes and putting you back in control.

Spend less time on admin and feel more in control of your day with Capsule tasks. Create them quickly in Capsule or if you use Google Workspace, direct from Gmail.

"Easy to use and navigate; enough information but not overloaded with more than I need. I love the tasks feature and being able to generate lists from the tags associated with our clients."

Shelly Turner

Account Manager, The Crop Shop LLC

One view of your customer

Capsule connects all your business tools across email, accounting, customer service, and marketing, to name a few. Once linked up, customer data automatically feeds into Capsule, giving you one complete view of your customer.

Store all your partners, vendors and suppliers into Capsule too, tagging them to make it easy to search and communicate with them. A centralized contact management system can give employees easy access to all the customer related information they need to make sales and create campaigns.

Complete control of your sales

Our small business CRM makes it easy for you to track all your opportunities in a sales pipeline that's tailored to your unique sales process. You'll even be reminded to contact people after a set number of days.

Quickly see the activities and individuals performing well and the areas that need more focus, sharing the best practices as you learn. With Capsule you can closely manage your sales performance, and address any gaps in your process.

Stellar customer service every time

Create more personalized experiences, offer tailored solutions and show empathy more easily when all your customer information is in Capsule. Watch how these authentic interactions build trust, encourage repeat business and generate positive word of mouth. Offering excellent customer service can improve customer loyalty and retention.

Make the most of networking

It's easy to transfer all your new contacts into Capsule and set reminders to stay in touch after meeting people at a meetup, conference, or trade show. You can easily track where you're up to with your prospects.

Simply connect up their social media accounts to automatically update their profile picture so you know who you're speaking to - creating a connection right from the start so you can reach out with confidence whenever you need to network.

All this can be done instantly through the Capsule mobile app, reducing the amount of admin at the end of the day and helping your employees be more productive.

We're the best CRM for small business

As your business grows, Capsule grows with you. We’re the best CRM for small businesses and can also provide marketing functionality to support your growth. We are flexible enough to suit any new process or team creation and restrict access to sensitive information as more people use your CRM.

Throughout your CRM journey, our support team is here for you every step of the way. Our friendly experts answer every email and send clear, detailed advice every time. Capsule also has excellent service availability, so you can rely on us to help you grow.

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Do even more with integrations

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all your favorite software - giving you one complete view of your customer.

See all our integrations


Transpond is an intuitive marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with Capsule. Use templates, automate emails, and capture data with forms when communicating or making transactions with clients and prospects.

Wufoo Forms

Submit new contacts and leads directly into Capsule using a form on your website. This makes gathering data much easier for your sales and marketing departments whenever someone submits their information via your forms.


Use the Capsule CRM integration for Xero and get one complete view of your business, from capturing leads to invoicing and payments. Keep on top of your transactions and help your business grow. Xero can improve your company's financial management, reducing errors and increasing profitability. Keep on top of your transactions and help your business grow.


Zapier makes it easy to link Capsule with your favorite web apps to automate workflows and reduce time doing manual administrative work. It integrates Capsule with 2,000+ other business and productivity apps. Zapier can help you create seamless integrations between different applications and enable automated workflows.

Why Small Businesses Need CRM

Many business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs with small businesses can find it difficult to manage manual administrative tasks, sales processes, and marketing campaigns all the while prioritizing opportunities. Small businesses mostly grow through manual processes due to limitations in resources, so it can be hard to identify areas that can be improved by using an application. That's where a CRM comes in. It's a centralized system that helps you manage your data more effectively and fully unlock your potential. Here are the top reasons why small businesses should invest in a quality CRM:

1. Alignment of Sales and Marketing Teams

Sales and marketing teams are mainly responsible for the growth of businesses. Depending on the size of your business, you can have multiple people looking after sales and marketing, or you may have someone who is capable of doing both. Regardless, they must be aligned at all times and at all levels of the sales funnel to ensure they're taking a consistent approach.

Sales and marketing should be in harmony to effectively generate and nurture leads. They need to have access to the same data, see where interactions are up to, and should collaborate effectively for sales and marketing campaigns. A CRM for small business can make these tasks possible and easier.

2. Possibility of Business Expansion

If you're aiming for growth, then your business shouldn't stay small - the possibility of business expansion and getting ahead of your competitors should be your primary focus. If that’s the case, then a CRM for small business is definitely what you need.

The more customers you have, the more potential there is for processes to become complex if you're managing them manually. As a business owner, investor, or entrepreneur, you may need to explore new opportunities, handle more transactions, and visit more customers. Implementing a CRM is a cost-efficient method to deal with all these and help your small business explore its full potential.

3. Personalized Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Small businesses can often cater to a specific location or target market. Targeting a specific market requires high quality, consistent data, so a CRM specifically for small business is ideal.

With a CRM, you can analyze data, create personalized campaigns based on the data you gathered, and run targeted marketing campaigns through any dedicated systems.

4. Automation of Business Processes and Transactions

Say goodbye to manual processes. A high quality CRM can automate your business processes under a centralized system. Almost every business today relies on some form of digital automation, and you shouldn’t be left behind.

A CRM for small business should automate certain aspects of your workflow to help you achieve more. This can improve your employees’ productivity and improve overall sales as they won’t have to engage in as many manual processes.

5. Visualize A Growing Sales Funnel

Careful research on your target audience, direct competitors and market trends can help a small business stand out amongst competitors. Storing this data manually can be a challenge for businesses but a CRM can help by aggregating data into a centralized location and enable you to visualize your sales funnel.

A good CRM for small businesses should have features like pipeline management, sales analytics, task management, contact management, and various analytical tools for storing, sharing and analyzing data on customer behavior.

Grow Your Small Business with Capsule CRM Mobile App

The perfect CRM for any small business should enable it to think big. That doesn't just mean providing the right functionality. It means being able to access contacts anywhere, anytime. The Capsule mobile app lets you do this, and provides you with all the information you need.

Manage Business Transactions Anywhere

Sales teams, especially those who are always in the field trying to make sales or promote products and services, can use Capsule CRM’s app to manage sales, track progress, or view any relevant information regarding a contact.

Locate Clients, Customers, Places

Small businesses’ sales field agents or teams are required to interact with clients and customers and locate places to open more sales opportunities, so it’s important for them to manage their time efficiently. This is especially true for small businesses with local target audiences. Capsule can help them do that by accessing information on the move. Through a centralized system, they can log information, submit reports, and enter contact information. They can meet with relevant people, then easily map out or record everything offline.

Reliable Communication Online and Offline

Capsule CRM’s mobile app and small business marketing software don’t just offer a collection of data to improve sales and revenue. We are also committed to creating better experiences for you and your employees through communication.

Capsule CRM on mobile allows you to see contact information, log calls, and start calls, messages, and emails directly from a contact’s profile and while on the go. You and your employees can start meaningful conversations and record them for data gathering even when offline.

Enable Faster and Timely Customer Service

The Capsule CRM mobile app can help small businesses offer the best customer service support anywhere and anytime. Sales agents or your designated employees can reach out to clients and customers and offer support — answer inquiries, solve problems, offer advice, and troubleshoot issues related to your products and services.

This solution reduces the risk of losing customers and clients caused by slow response times. With the Capsule CRM mobile app, employees of small businesses, especially sales agents and customer relationship managers, can connect and communicate with customers easily. They can call through a contact's profile or view a contact's location on a map.

Instant Access to Sales Opportunities

Employees of small businesses, especially sales and marketing agents, can easily access sales-related information using the Capsule CRM mobile app. You can find sales opportunities and other relevant information, such as linked contacts, tasks, and projects with just a few taps. With accessible information, employees can be more productive - making it easier for a small business to create more sales opportunities.

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide

Capsule CRM’s name is synonymous with ease of use, productivity and functionality. That’s why we’re trusted by thousands of small businesses worldwide - by business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. Capsule CRM is one of the best CRMs for small businesses from any type of industry — your partner to attract more customers and clients and dominate your business territory.