Contact management all in one place

Giving you a bird's-eye view of everything you know about the people, companies and other organizations that you do business with.

Contact profile page

Track all history

Add notes and store emails by sending them from any email client into Capsule.

Attach documents

Attach documents, agreements, proposals and other files.

Manage tasks

Add and complete tasks that need to be done for each contact.

Contact detail with social networks integration

Get to know your contacts

Follow your contact's social media

Capsule enriches your contacts with social media profiles and avatars. Easily add their Twitter feed or other social networks to their profile.

Tag your contacts

Categorize your customers with searchable customized tags.

Expand with custom fields

Record the information you need about each contact. Custom fields allow you to store almost anything important to you and your business.

Create and manage lists of contacts

Import from excel, outlook, vcard and gmail

Easily import contacts

Import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, vCard, spreadsheets and any CSV file.

Contacts lists - easiy to filter

Create and save lists

Manage contacts in lists by filtering using your own criteria such as which city they're in, how you've tagged them, when they were added, or using a custom field you have added.


It's up to you how you use the list. For example, use it to send an email to everyone on the list. Export it for use in another system. Apply a tag to sub-categorize contacts.

Vital statistics at a glance

See the last contacted date and pipeline value as well as open cases for your customers.

Contact's statistics

See summaries from your integrations

Keep your Capsule contacts in sync with your favorite apps to see their latest tweet, invoice amounts, if they're on your mailing list, or how many open support tickets they have.

Search everything

With quick search and full text search, you are never far away from your contacts. Text, email and field matching allows you to find any person or organization when you need them most.

Powerful search
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Be more productive with tasks

Create tasks and share with co-workers. Don’t miss that proposal deadline or customer call. If you have routine tasks set them to repeat monthly or create a track to match your business processes.

View Tasks & Calendar

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