Contact Management

Finally, all of your contact information in one place

Giving you a bird's-eye view of everything you know about the people, companies and organizations that you do business with.

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Organize Contacts

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello organization

Don't spend time sifting through emails or juggling multiple spreadsheets. With Capsule, you have a home for all your contacts and their key information. You'll even be able to see the whole history of your relationship with a contact - including email, calls, files, notes and more.

Bring your contacts with you

We'll do the hard work for you by importing your existing contacts. We support the following:

  • Outlook

  • CSV

  • vCard

  • Google Contacts

  • Spreadsheet

Minimize Data Entry

We keep everything in sync, so you don't have to

Keep your Capsule contacts in sync with your favorite apps to see their latest tweet, invoice amounts, if they're on your mailing list, or how many open support tickets they have.

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Find Contacts

Quickly find key information about your contacts

With quick search, you are never far away from your contacts. Text, email and field matching allows you to find any person or organization when you need them most. Full text search allows you to quickly find any text within all your notes and emails.

Know Your Contacts

It's the little details that make a big difference

Never ask for the same information twice - with every interaction you have with a contact in one place, you have everything you need to build lasting relationships.

  • Use our social search integration to auto-enrich contacts

  • Categorize your contacts with searchable customized tags

  • See vital statistics at a glance including last contact date

What we love is that when a client phones, straight away all the information is there and I can instantly proceed with the call as informed supplier to that client.

Additional features

  • Add custom lists

    Manage contacts in lists by filtering using your own or using a custom field you have added.

  • Attach documents

    Attach agreements, quotes, proposals and any other files you need.

  • Share with co-workers

    Share contacts with co-workers ensuring you all have a single up-to-date view of them.

  • DataTags

    Organise information by grouping several custom fields together.

  • Mail drop box

    Forward emails to an email address unique to your account - a convenient way to store email messages.

  • Expand with custom fields

    Record the information you need about each contact. Custom fields allow you to store almost anything important to you and your business.

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