About Capsule

We make CRM simple

We believe the value of a modern CRM lies in the ability to help businesses stay organized, know more about their customers, build strong relationships and to make the most of sales opportunities, all while minimizing user input.


Simplifying CRM since 2009

Capsule was launched following the founders' frustration with existing CRM services that were either overly simplistic or far too complex for most businesses.

We built Capsule to deliver on these values and today Capsule is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes all over the world.

We're based in Manchester, United Kingdom, a city with a creative heart that was founded on science and industry and the birthplace of the modern computer.

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    Manchester, UK

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Photo showing Capsule founders having a casual chat
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We’re driven by our values —

We have integrity and give honest, constructive feedback

We are open, welcoming and approachable

We trust one another without the need for complex processes

We encourage being able to take risks and celebrate success as a team

We learn together and support each other to be the best versions of ourselves

Meet the people behind the product

  • Duncan Stockdill
    Founder & CEO

  • Phillip Haines
    Founder & CTO

  • Dominique Briggs
    Design Lead

  • Josef Szotten
    Customer Support

  • Adam Wilk
    Head of Engineering

  • Michael Stringer
    Senior Developer

  • Michael Josephson
    Developer Lead

  • Andrew Kirwin
    Senior Developer

  • Rachel Brocklehurst
    Customer Support Lead

  • Matt McDonagh
    Operations Overlord

  • Andrew Elliot

  • Callum Innes

  • Gavin Williams

  • Jade Say
    Product Specialist

  • A headshot photo of Chloe Lloyd

    Chloe Lloyd
    Product Marketer

  • Keith Weir
    Customer Success

  • A headshot photo of Ciaren Diante

    Ciaren Diante
    Head of Customer Success

  • A headshot photo of Frankie McGough

    Frankie McGough

  • Liz Best
    Customer Success Manager

  • A headshot photo of Azadeh Gishani

    Azadeh Gishani
    Data Analyst

  • A headshot photo of Dana Kirsh

    Dana Kirsh

  • Marco Nini

  • Ollie Jackson

  • Alex Knight
    Graduate Developer

  • Joshua Jackson
    Graduate Developer

  • A headshot photo of Connor Home

    Connor Home

  • A headshot photo of Clare Guerin

    Clare Guerin
    Finance Director

  • A headshot photo of Dan Duran

    Dan Duran
    Marketing Lead

  • A headshot photo of Elena Stagg

    Elena Stagg
    Marketing Developer

  • Andrew Wilson
    DevOps Infrastructure Engineer

  • Ryan Daniels
    Senior Management Accountant

  • A headshot photo of Acacia Matthews

    Acacia Matthews
    Customer Support

  • A headshot photo of Zachary Rutz

    Zachary Rutz
    Customer Support

Photo showing our founder Duncan
“I’m so proud to be part of the 10% of startups that succeed and happy we did it differently. We chose not to grow at any cost and we’ve built a world class team, product and great customers. I’m very excited about the next 10 years!”

Duncan, Founder & CEO

Celebrating 10 years of Capsule

Interested in joining our talented team?