Sales Pipeline Management Software

Know what's going on with every opportunity

Get a summary of all sales opportunities including potential values, where they are in the pipeline and what needs to be done next.

Sales Pipeline CRM Software & Tools

Keep track of every sales opportunity

Manage opportunities with a visual sales pipeline

Customize your sales processes with multiple pipelines

Track Opportunities

Keep track of every sales opportunity

Use opportunities to track potential sales with a customer and set the value and milestone to keep track and gather reports on your business deals.

Capsule helps you forecast your sales pipeline value based on probability and total opportunity value.

Visual Sales Pipeline

See the bigger picture with our visual pipeline

Manage all your open sales opportunities on one page and easily see how your business is doing.

  • Track sales as they progress through your sales process

  • Easily manage opportunities with our drag and drop interface

"I'd send a proposal and think, great, job done. But it's not, you have to follow it up. I needed a nudge to remind me to do that a few days later and I get that with Capsule."

Sue Keogh

Director at Sookio

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Tailor your sales cycle

Build multiple pipelines that represent different products, services and markets - giving you and your sales team a more accurate picture of your sales process - helping you to better forecast sales and close more deals.

  • Better plan and manage sales activities

  • Report more accurately

  • More easily view and track sales opportunities

Pipeline Dashboard

View your sales pipeline in a way that makes sense

View vital statistics about your sales pipeline, future sales projections and summaries all on one clear dashboard.

  • View the conversion performance over the past year

  • See where opportunities are in your pipeline

  • See which tags are most commonly applied to an opportunity

  • View the value of opportunities in your pipeline

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