Sales Pipeline Management Software

Know what's going on with every opportunity

Get a summary of all sales opportunities including potential values, where they are in the pipeline, and what needs to be done next. Our CRM for sales teams won’t let you miss any opportunity.

Sales Pipeline CRM Software & Tools

Keep track of every sales opportunity

Manage opportunities with a visual sales pipeline

Customize your sales processes with multiple pipelines

Track Opportunities

Keep track of every sales opportunity

Use opportunities to track potential sales with a customer and set the value and milestone to keep track and gather reports on your business deals.

Our CRM sales software helps you forecast your sales pipeline value based on probability and total opportunity value.

Visual Sales Pipeline

See the bigger picture with our visual pipeline

Manage all your open sales opportunities on one page and see how your business is doing, so you can easily lay down your sales plan.

  • Track sales as they progress through your sales process

  • Easily manage opportunities with our drag and drop interface

"I'd send a proposal and think, great, job done. But it's not, you have to follow it up. I needed a nudge to remind me to do that a few days later and I get that with Capsule."

Sue Keogh

Director at Sookio

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Tailor your sales cycle

Build multiple pipelines that represent different products, services and markets - giving you and your sales team a more accurate picture of your sales process - helping you to better forecast sales and close more deals.

  • Better plan and manage sales activities

  • Report more accurately

  • View and track sales opportunities more easily

Pipeline Dashboard

View your sales pipeline in a way that makes sense

View vital statistics about your sales pipeline, future sales projections, and summaries all on one clear dashboard. Our CRM software gives you a clear view of everything your team needs to know to improve sales.

  • View the conversion performance over the past year

  • See where opportunities are in your pipeline

  • See which tags are most commonly applied to an opportunity

  • View the value of opportunities in your pipeline

Challenges in sales that a CRM can help solve

Sales is an ever-evolving discipline. There are a host of new and emerging requirements and demands today, so sales teams need the right tools to attract more prospects, and beat the competition. Here are the top challenges sales teams face today and how CRM for sales can solve them.

Misalignment of Sales and Marketing Departments

It can often be difficult to align marketing and sales teams, but this can negatively affect lead management and sales generation. When the two departments work separately, they might use different systems for data and project management. As a result, the company may suffer duplication or loss of data and there may be disagreements over projects, campaigns, and other decisions. Ideally, your sales and marketing teams should be well aligned.

Using a CRM can help solve this issue by fixing the gap between the sales and the marketing department - offering a centralized database that can enhance internal communication, evaluate ongoing leads, store and share information, and provide data analysis and insights.

Closing the gap to competitors that are already in the game

Developing an identity and standing out from your competition can be challenging, especially if your company is new and many other companies are selling the same products or services. The sales team plays an important role in setting their company apart from the competition, and using an excellent CRM can help with this.

A CRM can enable sales teams by offering the right and most valuable information about customers and prospects, and how to meet their needs. CRM can enable teams to create the appropriate buyer persona for the right target audience and build better customer relationships.

Building an online reputation

Digital channels are now the most powerful platform to sell, market, and advertise. The COVID-19 pandemic elevated the status of digital marketing. Sales teams are now more reliant on emails and social media engagements instead of phone calls in order to attract clients and find prospects.

Building a reputation online can be a challenge without helpful tools for building customer relationships. A CRM for sales can help by integrating with email apps so you can manage conversations more efficiently and offer better customer service.

Managing multiple leads from different platforms

Lead management can be overwhelming, especially if multiple leads are coming from various platforms. Some sales teams may find it challenging and time-consuming to track all stages of the buyer’s journey. If your sales team still spends more time sorting your prospects instead of converting them to paying clients and customers, then using a centralized system can improve your lead management process.

Using a CRM can help segment leads based on their stage in the buyer journey. Having some form of marketing integration also helps identify qualified leads, so the sales teams can focus on the those that have the biggest chances of becoming paying customers.

Keeping the momentum for customer engagement

Keeping your prospects intrigued and enthusiastic throughout their purchasing journey is the key to closing sales. CRM sales software can help you build and maintain that momentum for attracting new customers by aggregating customer data, especially engagements through messages, in one central location. The sales team can analyze this data to gain meaningful insights about customer engagement, and where to improve the process.

Defining workflows in the sales pipeline

A disorganized sales pipeline can affect your ability to manage leads efficiently. As a rule of thumb, a sales pipeline should have a structure and stages. Each stage should have one workflow where the sales team can identify the work that needs to be done and track the result.

Visual and functional elements like automations, forms, templates, and dashboards can define a workflow. With an organized workflow, key people from the sales team can track progress of leads as they move from one stage to another within the sales funnel. They can identify those who are moving forward and those that drop out or complete the journey and become a paying customer.

Power up your sales team with the Capsule CRM mobile app

Sales teams are focused on bringing in customers and maintaining customer relationships; that’s why it’s important to have an excellent CRM that can give the team what it needs. Capsule CRM is here to serve as an easy-to-use, affordable, and convenient platform for sales teams. Our Capsule CRM mobile app is the best portable and productivity platform to power up your sales team when on the go.

On-the-go collaborative tools

A CRM can help align sales and marketing teams making collaboration easy. Capsule CRM on mobile offers collaborative tools and supports third-party integrations so the sales and marketing team can communicate, see the same data, and work together anytime and anywhere.

Get tasks done on the move

Sales agents, especially those in the field, are always on the move. Capsule CRM on mobile moves with them. Through the app, you can view and manage ongoing and upcoming tasks in a calendar wherever you are.

Locate & contact clients, customers, places

With Capsule CRM's mobile app, sales teams can locate clients, customers, prospects, and places if they plan to visit them. This is especially useful for businesses with local target audiences. Our app allows you to call, send a message, or email from a contact's profile and view a contact's location on a map.

Easy Access to Sales Tools While Offline

Capsule CRM on mobile also allows seamless access to sales tools for instant scheduling, data analysis, and reporting on the go. Having no access to desktops or laptops outside the office is not a problem. Even if you're offline, the Capsule mobile app will sync any changes from your tasks and contacts once you reconnect.

Free CRM For Sales

If you're still exploring the many possibilities a CRM can offer, then Capsule CRM is the right platform for you as we offer a free CRM to get you started - providing one centralized system for managing your customer data and sales processes. We also offer a free trial for all our paid plans, valid for 14 days, no card required, and eligible for cancellation anytime. This free period gives you access to both the website version and mobile app. If you want to move forward with a plan, you can choose among our four paid plans: Starter, Growth, Advanced and Ultimate.

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide

Capsule CRM is synonymous with ease of use, productivity, and functionality. That’s why we’re trusted by thousands of sales teams worldwide - by sales managers, sales specialists, sales representatives and account managers. Capsule is an excellent CRM for any type of industry - your partner to enhance your sales teams, satisfy your target audience, and beat your competition.