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Everything a small team needs to be more organized and increase sales.
£ 12 USD / Per user, per month

No card required

  • 50,000 Contacts
  • 10GB Storage per User
  • Activity Reporting
  • Key integrations including Microsoft 365, Google, Xero, MailChimp, Zapier & many more
For growing businesses. Manage user access, segment data and track team performance.
£ 24 USD / Per user, per month

No card required

  • Everything in Professional
  • 100,000 Contacts
  • 20GB Storage per User
  • Multiple Sales Pipelines
  • Advanced Sales Reporting
  • User Roles and Restrictions
  • Team or Individual Record Assignment
  • Custom Activity Types
  • Important Fields
Get premium onboarding, dedicated account management and priority support.
£ 36 USD / Per user, per month

No card required

  • Everything in Teams
  • 200,000 Contacts
  • 40GB Storage per User
  • Implementation Support
  • Import Assistance
  • Custom Training
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Ongoing Priority Support


Try our starter CRM with basic features for up to 2 users and 250 contacts.

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Core Features

Contacts Total amount of contacts per plan. 200,000 100,000 50,000 250
Storage Total storage amount per user. 40GB / user 20GB / user 10GB / user 50MB / account
Custom Fields Custom fields allow you to record additional information unique to your contacts, cases or sales opportunities. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sales Opportunities Track potential sales, such as a bid, deal or proposal. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cases Manage events or track customer activities, such as support queries or onboarding. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Tracks A sequence of tasks to manage your processes. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Send Emails Connect a Gmail or Outlook account to send emails from Capsule.
Shared Mailboxes Connect a shared mailbox if you are a team of users so that all emails come from the same account. 5 3 1
Email Templates Save emails as templates to use again and again. 500 50 5

Calendar & Tasks

Task Management Create, assign and automate tasks.

Sales Tools

Customizable Sales Milestones Easily tailor your sales pipeline steps to suit your workflow.
Kanban Visual Pipeline See all your opportunities in one pipeline, drag and drop to each stage as they progress.
Multiple Sales Pipelines Create multiple sales pipelines to reflect the different stages for multiple products, services or businesses.


Customized Filtered Lists Create lists using simple filters.
Custom Activity Types Activity Types allow you to identify unique activities that are meaningful to your business.
Sales Pipeline Dashboard Track conversion rate, sales pipeline milestones and forecast in one view.
Activity Reporting Shows activities completed by each user and the specific activity types.
Advanced Sales Reporting 10+ reports on won/lost opportunities, pipeline growth, average time to won plus more.
Reporting By Team Compare and understand each Team's historical and current performance.
Custom Reports Via Google Data Studio Data Studio is Google's dashboard and reporting solution. Connect Capsule to combine multiple data sources, create interactive dashboards and build powerful reports that enable you to make better business decisions.
Important Fields Mark Custom Fields and fields within Data Tags as Important. When you add or edit a record, Important Fields will be highlighted.

Email Integration

All Email Clients (Outlook, Gmail) Store your emails using the Capsule drop box.
Gmail Add-on Gmail users, use our add-on to store your sent emails in Capsule, create new tasks, cases & opportunities.
Outlook Add-in Microsoft 365 users can use Outlook Add-In to store your sent emails in Capsule, create new contacts, cases & opportunities.
Outlook Add-In Automatic Email Storage Enable automatic storage on a contact to store every future email from that contact in Capsule.

Security & User Permissions

Two-Factor Authentication Add an extra layer of security to your Capsule Account using your mobile device.
Microsoft 365 Single Sign-on
Google Workspace Single Sign-on
Organize Users Into Teams
Restrict Team Access To Records Define which teams can see and edit each contact.
Restrict Users To Their Own Records Define what each user can see and edit.


Add-ons & Integrations Connect your favorite tools with Capsule.
Mobile App (For iOS & Android) Access Capsule on your mobile device.
Zapier Integrations & Automations Use Zapier to integrate with thousands of other business tools. 1000+ 1000+ 1000+ 1000+
API Access Use Capsule’s API to integrate with your custom or third party application.
Premium Add-ons Power-up Capsule by using Google Workspace, Xero, FreshBooks, MailChimp, Wufoo & more.


Customer Support
Implementation Support
Import Assistance
Custom Training
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes. Capsule is a pay as you go service with no long term lock-in. You can cancel, upgrade and downgrade your account at any time via the account page of your Capsule account.

  • When will I get billed?

    Your first 30 days are free when signing up for a new Professional or Teams plan. Your credit card will be billed once the 30 day trial period is over and monthly thereafter unless you cancel or downgrade your account to the Free plan.

  • Payment methods

    You can sign up with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Price is in US Dollars.

  • World class customer support

    Our support team is here to answer your questions and are always happy to help! Ask a question