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Your CRM where you need it

Contact management on the move

Add, update and view your data even when you're offline

See latest activity from your co-workers

Always have the most up-to-date information on the move.

Start calls, messages or emails from the app

Start calls, text messages or emails directly from a contact's profile or view a contact's location on the map.

See all Capsule data relating to a contact

See history of emails and notes about a contact including attachments. Keep track of sales opportunities and tasks.

Manage your tasks remotely

Tasks when you need them

Know your upcoming and overdue tasks at a glance.

Calendar view

Quickly see tasks on a monthly calendar

Comprehensive task view

Create, complete or assign tasks to your co-workers.

Powerful filters

Quickly filter tasks by owner or category.

Never miss out on a sales opportunity

Vital information taking center stage

All your key sales pipeline data is right where you need it.

Granular opportunities

View all of an opportunity's data on your mobile, including linked contacts, tasks and assigned contacts.

Quickly search for an opportunity

Search by contact name related to an opportunity or by opportunity name directly.

Opportunities sorted by milestone

Quickly see the progress of your opportunities in order of their current milestone.

Sync your Capsule changes automatically

Even if you're offline, Capsule Mobile will sync any changes you make once you reconnect.

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