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Capsule Mobile CRM App for iOS and Android

Take Capsule with you. With our free mobile CRM app, you will never be left out of the loop.

Best Mobile CRM App for Android & iOS

With our mobile app you can —

Start calls, messages or emails

Start calls, text messages or emails directly from a contact's profile or view a contact's location on a map.

View tasks on the move

Manage your upcoming and overdue tasks at a glance and see where they are in the calendar.

View sales opportunities

Quickly find a sale opportunity and see key information related to it including linked contacts and tasks.

Stay in sync

Even if you're offline, Capsule Mobile will sync any changes you make once you reconnect.

See contact information

See history of emails and notes about a contact including attachments.

Automatically log calls

We'll automatically log a call as an activity in Capsule and prompt you to add notes as soon as you've finished a call.

Caller ID on iOS

If you receive a call from a Capsule contact, but their number is not stored in your phone, you'll still see it's them calling.

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