Capitalize on every opportunity with Capsule for Microsoft 365

Combine Microsoft 365 with Capsule CRM to create a seamless, simple yet powerful combination that helps you action emails, manage your contacts and time more efficiently.

Use Capsule from your Microsoft Outlook inbox

The Capsule add-in for Microsoft Outlook allows you to easily manage contacts, conversations & sales opportunities from within your inbox.

Install the Outlook add-in
View your Microsoft Outlook events in Capsule

Create a consolidated view of events for contacts across your Outlook and Capsule calendars. This helps manage events and contacts more efficiently.

Install the Calendar integration
Sign in with Microsoft 365

Enable Single Sign On (SSO) across Microsoft 365 and Capsule, and work across both without having to log in twice.

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An ecosystem of integrations for your organization

Capsule has an ever growing list of integrations with your favorite solutions to support your workflows and run your business.

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"The team thinks it’s great they can see the calendar events for a client from all of us. Capsule is now the ‘hub’ for all things client based as it gives us the most complete picture."

Pete Fullard

CEO of Upskill People

Consistently manage your contact information in one place

Capsule ensures that you can manage all of your contacts in one place, and in a consistent way. You can add your contacts quickly, directly from your Outlook inbox.

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Keep track of your Sales Opportunities

If you’re able to manage your contacts and data more easily, you can also be confident that your pipeline will be healthier too. Capsule helps you to visualize your sales pipeline, and manage it more efficiently too.

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Run your business with Capsule and Microsoft