A top CRM for Mailchimp. Share contact and customer data to quickly create relevant mailing lists.

Power up your Mailchimp

Capsule carries and manages your data and contacts, so you can easily export them to Mailchimp and kick off your campaigns.

Be in the loop

Capsule with Mailchimp keeps you in the loop through the seamless synchronization of new subscribers. The integration automatically adds a note to a contact in Capsule CRM when an existing subscriber is updated in Mailchimp and generates a task for users to review and confirm subscriber additions or updates.

Target campaigns quickly

Whether you're a small, growing business or an enterprise with a broad range of target audiences, Capsule's integration with Mailchimp can help you segment and target campaigns easily and efficiently.

360 view of customers

Capsule provides a single database that already carries everything you need for your marketing efforts. Every team can have a shared view of every customer, ongoing campaign, or future campaign in Mailchimp.

Customization that makes sense to you

Capsule with Mailchimp allows you to segment and filter your target audiences straight from your Capsule dashboard to manage your interactions and campaigns easily. You can customize every field of information related to your subscribers to know when and how to deliver your campaigns and messages.

How to integrate Capsule CRM with Mailchimp

We've developed an integration with Mailchimp to enable you to create email campaigns easily. Use Capsule's powerful list filters to build mailing lists that can be exported to Mailchimp quickly, unsubscribe individual contacts from mailing lists from inside Capsule without needing to go into Mailchimp, or add your new mailing list subscribers as contacts.

The integration is a great way to ensure that the contacts you've been tagging and customizing in Capsule get added to the right audience in Mailchimp with all the details needed to send out the relevant marketing to them.

Two ways to integrate Mailchimp

Depending on your company size, business objectives, or marketing efforts, you can use our regular Mailchimp or Mailchimp Webhook integrations.

Benefits of integrating Mailchimp with your CRM

Businesses must stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Ensuring relevance and personalization of messages to each customer, avoiding spam filters, maintaining a clean email list, and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns are all critical to success. It's difficult to tackle all these challenges simultaneously, but a CRM integration with Mailchimp can offer the tools and solutions to overcome them.

Here are some key reasons why you should use a Mailchimp CRM for your marketing:

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