Capsule CRM software features

CRM packed full of simple yet powerful features to give you complete control.

Contact Management

Everything in one place

Quickly add emails, notes, documents to each contact, storing everything you know about your customer in one place.

Easily segment your audience

Simply tag your contact as a lead, customer, vendor, anything you wish to segment your audience.

Import and export with ease

Easily transfer your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, vCard, spreadsheets and any CSV file.

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Tasks and calendar

Tasks for everything

Create tasks for all your activities with simple color coding to make your list even easier to manage.

Follow a winning process

Quickly record your key steps in an approach using a list of time-dependent tasks that work back from or towards a set date.

Understand the context

Link tasks to contacts, opportunities, or cases so you can easily understand the context and get to work straight away.

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Sales pipeline

Track sales easily

Keep track of every sale by clearly seeing the stage each opportunity is at, using drag and drop to quickly move them from one stage to the next.

Clear overview of all your sales

Get a clear summary of every sale, value, stage and quickly see what's needed to land the deal.

Spot stale opportunities

Easily see forgotten sales opportunities as they turn orange if they've not been contacted for a set number of days.

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Reports at your fingertips

Our 13 advanced sales reports tell you everything you need to know about your sales and team activity. Simply connect to Google Data Studio to create any unique reports.

Uncover powerful insights

Easily forecast and track sales, conversion rates, top performers, and more for every team and individual. Uncover the reasons for won or lost sales and share best practice across the team.

Support your team

Quickly see each individual’s activity, making it easier to spot issues and offer support before it impacts your bottom line.

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Teams and roles

Ultimate focus for your teams

Organize Capsule around your teams so they only see the contacts, opportunities, cases, and tasks relevant to them.

Control access to specific contacts

Set restrictions for each person, only giving access to the contacts they need to see.

Track team performance

Quickly see the teams performing well and those that need more support with our advanced sales teams reports.

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Know what's expected and when

Tracks are a simple list of linked, time-dependent tasks. When one ends another starts, perfect for recording your approach to a specific activity.

Deliver a stellar customer service

Create and share tracks with your whole team so everyone follows the same consistent process every time.

Never miss a deadline again

Tracks work towards or back from an end date, sending you a reminder the day an activity is due.

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Customize Capsule

Understand your customers

Create as many data fields as you need to store all the extra information you collect about your customers, giving you one complete picture.

Manage your sales effectively

Adapt the sales pipeline to suit your business needs, creating the stages and milestones relevant to your unique process.

Personalize your CRM

Sprinkle your brand colors and logo into Capsule so your CRM feels familiar to the team right from the start.

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Capsule Mobile

All your data whenever you need it

Everything you need in the palm of your hand, even when you’re off-line so you’re always in the loop.

Spend less time on admin

Log calls automatically after each call in Capsule and be prompted to add notes before you forget.

Update on the go

Create and complete your tasks plus your sales opportunities straight from your phone, reducing the time spent on administration at the end of the day. More about the mobile app