Email Sending & Templates

Free up your team’s time with email templates

Create email templates and send emails from within Capsule via Outlook or Gmail in just a few clicks, giving you back time to spend elsewhere.

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Email Templates for CRM Software

Create email templates to cut down on response times

Use our rich-text editor to personalize your emails

Save time by sending emails from within Capsule

Email Sending

Draft once. Send as many times as you need.

Sending the same engagement, follow-up and onboarding emails over and over again? Write your email just once and save it as a template. Plus, quickly personalize emails using a range of merge fields such as first name, last name and organisation. When you’re ready, hit send to send the email from Capsule via Outlook or Gmail.

Email Templates

Send the right message, every time.

Format your email templates with our rich-text editor to ensure your team is sending emails that are consistent with your company’s brand and tone of voice - giving prospects and customers a consistently exceptional experience.

Share the success

Store your most effective email templates in Capsule so that your whole team can have them at their fingertips, helping to drive better performance time after time.

Your pipeline...but quicker

Anticipate what email templates you’ll need to take a sales opportunity from lead to sale and get there quicker by cutting down on response times.

Stay in one place

Need to send a quick email to a customer? You can do that from within Capsule. No need to switch to your email client. Stay focussed on Capsule and get more done.


Faster project management

Use our project management feature, Cases, to manage events, projects and other post-sale activities. Combine Cases with our email features, and following up on onboarding and common support questions just became much simpler.

Ready to start creating email templates?