QuickBooks CRM Integration

Our QuickBooks CRM integration connects seamlessly with QuickBooks Online so you can easily view invoices, estimates and overdues right alongside your customer data.

The QuickBooks Online integration keeps your customer data in sync with Capsule and gives you an overview of important financial information without ever needing to leave Capsule.

  • View the total sum of paid or open invoices

    For each contact our QuickBooks summary card will display the total amount of invoices and estimates.

  • View open, outstanding or overdue invoices

    Simply expand your QuickBooks summary card to see invoices in detail.

  • Create invoices and estimates

    Quickly create invoices and estimates as a lead moves through your sales process.

Capsule Sidebar
Announcing our new sidebar - now with Xero, QuickBooks and Tasks

We've made it even easier to see financial information and tasks on the same page as the contact record by adding them to a sidebar.

Connect Capsule to QuickBooks Online.

Requires a QuickBooks Online account. Sign up for QuickBooks Online