QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a cloud accounting software used to track expenses, create and send invoices, run reports and more.

Key Features

QuickBooks Online accounting software integrates seamlessly with Capsule. You can easily view invoices and estimates from within Capsule. View total invoices paid to measure the value of the customer or keep track open or overdue invoices. And if you're on the move, you'll be able to access all your invoicing and estimates on Capsule Mobile.

Your customer's invoices and estimates are displayed in a summary card alongside your contact information and history, to get a complete view of your customer all in one place.

Sync your QuickBooks customers into Capsule

Seamlessly sync your QuickBooks customers into Capsule and keep your customers happy.

View the total sum of paid or open invoices

For each contact our QuickBooks summary card will display the total amount of invoices and estimates.

View open, outstanding or overdue invoices

Simply expand your QuickBooks summary card to your customers invoices in detail.

Create invoices and estimates

Create new invoices and estimates automatically populated with your contact's information.

Support all the way

Setting up Capsule with QuickBooks is simple, but if you have any questions our friendly support team are here to help, simply send them a message

Check you have an active QuickBooks Online account and you're using a Teams or Professional Capsule account

Setting up the integration

In Capsule go to the Account Settings Integrations QuickBooks Online and click the button to Configure QuickBooks Online. You will now be asked to log in to QuickBooks to give Capsule access to your QuickBooks account. Once completed you'll come back to Capsule and you’re all setup.

Exclude Vendors/Suppliers

If you’d like to only bring your customer's details into Capsule, you can exclude vendor/supplier details from being *synced* by selecting Do not import vendors/suppliers from QuickBooks into Capsule from the drop down box during the setup. You can change this at a later date if needed.

Exclude Vendor/Supplier Bills

If instead you’d like vendors/suppliers to be synced but would prefer to not share their bills with your staff then it might be a good idea to exclude vendor/supplier bills from being *displayed* in Capsule. To do that, go to the Account Settings Integrations QuickBooks Online Configure Import suppliers from QuickBooks into Capsule, uncheck the box Display vendor/supplier invoices on my contact and invoice summary pages and click Save.


With this option vendor/supplier contacts will still come through to Capsule however their bills will not be displayed.