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How to import contacts

How to import contacts in different ways, including using an Excel spreadsheet, a CSV file or from Google Contacts.

Storing emails via the drop box

Use the Capsule drop box to store emails against your contacts or use it to create opportunities, cases or tracks.

G Suite Integration

How to set up Single Sign-On login via G Suite and install our Gmail add-on.

Getting started with Teams

Add Capsule users to teams for greater control over data access. Use new reports to track & manage team performance.

Customizing Capsule

Customize your contacts, cases or opportunities using a range of fields to fit your business needs

Integrating with other applications

How to set up integrations with G Suite, Mailchimp, Xero, Zendesk and many more


Importing contacts, including via an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or LinkedIn.


Exporting contacts and backing up all your data

Customizing Capsule

Customizing Capsule using tags, DataTags custom fields and more.

Emails via the drop box

Creating opportunities, cases or tracks and storing emails via the drop box.

Managing Contacts

Categorizing contacts, creating lists, using tags and more.

Contact Reporting

Creating lists and sales reports using a range of powerful filters.

Managing Deals

Tracking potential sales with opportunities and setting milestones.

Sales Pipeline and reports

Visual overview of Sales Pipeline and creating sales reports.

Managing Cases

Cases explained, including searching, assigning and closing cases.

[Teams] Getting started with Teams

Group your users in teams and assign record to restrict access.

[Teams] User & Sales Reports

Track, manage and analyse user and team activity and sales performance.

Capsule Mobile

Downloading the Capsule mobile app and importing contacts using the app.

Tasks and Calendar

Creating email reminders and importing tasks into your calendar.

Managing Tracks

Setting up tracks and defining a sequence of tasks with Tracks.

Integrated Apps

Using Capsule with applications including Mailchimp, Wufoo, Xero and more.

Google Integration

Adding your contacts to Google and showing tasks in your calendar.

G Suite

Using the Gmail add-on with G Suite and logging in using Single Sign-On.

Social Integration

Linking social profiles to apply to your contacts in Capsule.


Adding users, managing permissions and restoring deleted records.

User Preferences

Changing email address, regional settings and handling forgotten passwords.

Account and Billing

Upgrading your account and updating billing preferences.


Referring customers and earning money with the Capsule affiliate program.

Data Protection

Securing your data and meeting data protection requirements.

System Requirements

Information on system requirements and browsers Capsule supports.