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Calendar and Tasks

Your Capsule Calendar & Tasks help you keep on top of your to-do list. Learn how to set up a daily reminder email, create repeating tasks and subscribe to your task feed.

Using the task calendar

Tasks provide a simple way of creating a reminder of something you need to do. They can be used as a reminder and categorized for such things as a meeting, phone call or submission deadline.

You can link tasks to contacts, opportunities and cases or you can simply add a task as a reminder for yourself. Setup the daily task reminder email as well to get an email when you have tasks due.

The calendar view gives you a month by month view of all open tasks, including those from tracks.

You can also see your overdue and upcoming tasks in your dashboard:

Repeating tasks

Usually tasks are just one off things that we need to get done and ticked off, but some activities are a regular occurrence such as completing a quarterly report or customer check-in. Here’s how to set up a recurring task:

  1. When you create a task, click the link to repeat
  2. Then choose how frequently the task repeats

When completing the task the next occurrence will be created automatically.

The calendar also shows the schedule of future occurrences to help you plan ahead.

Identifying what tasks are due

You have several ways to get reminders of your tasks (including those tasks open in tracks):

  • On your dashboard. The dashboard displays all tasks assigned to you that are due today, within the next 7 days and also those that are overdue.
  • As an email reminder for all tasks due today.
  • As a month by month view on the calendar. You go to Calendar & Tasks Calendar.
  • As a list or report.
  • As an iCalendar subscription feed to your desktop calendar application.

Task Reminder Email

Capsule can automatically send you a task reminder email at the start of each day. It includes all tasks that are assigned to you and due that day. To switch on or switch off the daily task reminder email you need to do the following:

  1. Click on your name in the top menu bar > go to My Preferences
  2. Tick or un-tick the Send a daily email reminder when tasks are due option


Capsule sends the reminder to your first email address on your user record. For details on how to change your email address click here.

If you’re using Google Calendar, you can also setup individual task reminders. Read about how it works here.

Calendar View

The calendar is a view of all active tasks, including those in tracks. You can filter the view to a specific user and/or category:

You can edit a task in the calendar by hovering over the task and then selecting the edit icon:

You can also drag and drop a task to a different due date.

Categorizing Tasks

You can categorize a task for easy identification and for use in filtering when creating a report or list of tasks. You can use the predefined categories or create your own at the time you are creating a task:

You can amend the categories to better suit your business needs by going to the Account Settings Task Categories

When you add or edit a category you also have the option to choose a color for the category. To change the color of an existing category, click on the category name and use the color-picker to change it.


You need to be an account administrator in order to edit/delete task categories.

Task lists

Find tasks assigned to a specific user

You can filter for different tasks by going to Calendar & Tasks Tasks. The tasks display from oldest to newest. You can switch to a view of your own tasks or another user by using the ‘assigned to’ filter:

Find completed tasks

As you complete tasks they are removed from your dashboard, calendar and list of active tasks. You can see each completed task in the history of the linked contact, opportunity or case.

You can also get a full list of completed tasks by clicking Calendar & Tasks Tasks and filtering by [Completed]:

Subscribing to your calendar feed

If you use Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook 2007 (or later) or another application that supports iCalendar format you can subscribe to your tasks and view them on your calendar. This is a one way feed from Capsule to your calendar program. To update both Capsule and your calendar, you need to add and update tasks in Capsule.

To begin your iCalendar subscription:

  1. Click on your name in the top menu bar and go to My Preferences
  2. Go to Calendar and Feeds and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’d like to set this up on your iPhone you can run through the same steps whilst in Safari on your phone.

If you’re having problems adding the webcal URL in Outlook you need to manually enter the calendar URL as a new internet calendar. Go to the Calendar Open Calendar From Internet and paste the Calendar URL - make sure to replace webcal:// with https:// when you paste it in.