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Managing your Team's Tasks

How to assign Tasks to other users

You can assign Tasks over to another User on the account when someone else is responsible for getting the work done. To assign a Task to another user:

  1. Click on the Task name
  2. Use the Assigned to dropdown and select the user you wish to assign to

How to view another user's Tasks in the Calendar

It can be useful to see what the rest of your team are working on to understand if they have capacity for more work or to check on the status of a Task you know they’re working on. To help with this, you can filter for different users Tasks by going to the Calendar & Tasks tab and selecting the Assigned to filter and choosing which user’s Tasks you want to view. To view completed tasks for another user, switch to the list view and change the Show: Upcoming filter to Completed and then change the Assigned to filter to the user you want to view.

What happens to Tasks when a user leaves

When a User leaves the company, you don’t want to lose track of all their Tasks. To help with this, when an Administrator deletes a user from Capsule, they will be given the option to choose which User all open Tasks are reassigned to. By default, this will be the Administrator doing the deletion but they can change this by choosing another User in the dropdown before clicking Delete. Learn more about deleting users.