Tasks & Calendar

Everything you need to get things get done

Create tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls, submission deadlines and more. See who's doing what and share tasks.

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All your to-do's in one place with powerful task management

Create a series of tasks that you can group together with Tracks

Get a complete picture with calendar view

Task Management

Task management for a simplified to-do list

Make sense of your to-do list with features that help you to prioritize your tasks, plan your time and meet deadlines. Linking tasks to contacts, projects or sales opportunities means you'll always know what a task is related to.

  • Receive task reminder emails at the start of each day

  • Add your own custom task categories

  • Create repeating tasks

Workflow Automation

Automate your workflow, turn tasks into tracks

Know what works to seal the deal? Set up a series of tasks each becoming active one after the other to make sure that you and your team always follow the same winning process.

"I'd send a proposal and think, great, job done. But it's not, you have to follow it up. I needed a nudge to remind me to do that a few days later and I get that with Capsule."

Sue Keogh

Director at Sookio
Microsoft 365 Outlook

Work seamlessly across Outlook and Capsule

Create a complete view of all historical and future events for your contacts and organizations by integrating your Outlook calendar with Capsule. You'll also be able to join meetings and quickly create contacts from attendee lists.

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Get a complete picture with calendar view

Switch to calendar view to see how your task list is shaping up for the week or month. Calendar view also provides a quick way to change due dates - just drag and drop a task to another date in the calendar.

View tasks in your own calendar

You can subscribe to your tasks and view them on your personal calendar. We currently support:

  • Apple Calendar

  • Microsoft Calendar

  • iCalendar

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