CRM software for Recruitment

A recruitment CRM to help you nurture client and business relationships, improve processes like candidate sourcing, recruiting and onboarding and build more client opportunities. Capsule is one of the best candidate relationship management systems for recruitment agencies ready to dominate the talent market.

Recruitment CRM For A Better, Faster Hiring Process
Power up Projects using Tracks

Improve Project Management

Deliver work consistently with Capsule’s built in Project Management. Improve visibility and collaboration across your team and know exactly where work is up to at a glance. Capsule ensures that work is managed effortlessly and nothing gets missed.

Kanban-style boards

Manage your pipeline

Manage any opportunity with your clients candidates by easily moving each one through the stages in your pipeline. Add all relevant notes and documents to provide a complete view of current status and what needs to happen next. You can also tailor your sales pipeline to suit your process.

Easy access online and offline

Capsule's recruitment CRM is accessible wherever you are and by all the key people involved in your recruitment process - online and offline and through different devices, such as tablets or mobiles. This is an advantage for recruitment companies with a remote workforce, where applicants would be screened, interviewed, and hired remotely.

Customized Based on Your Needs

Customize your pipeline to reflect the stages you use leading up to conversion, or ensure your unique workflows and data are used consistently right across your business with custom fields. With Capsule, you can even apply your brand to ensure the look and feel of your business to ensure all of your employees feel at home straight away.

Automate your workflows

Achieve more by automating your processes related to managing Opportunities and Projects. Capsule lets you automatically assign Opportunities or Projects to a specific team or owner when their respective statuses change. You can also add a Track to make sure that the next step is managed in a consistent way, plus much more.

Get help quickly

Capsule offers excellent customer support. We have a range of resources to help you get started, but if you have any questions visit our dedicated support portal and send us a message.

Do even more with integrations

Connect Capsule with your preferred software to achieve more activities in a day and automate repetitive activities. Learn more about Capsule’s wide range of supported integrations.

See all our integrations

Capsule’s wide range of integrations can automate your administrative process, boost employee productivity, and improve project management. You can add to the functionality of Capsule with integrations, such as:


From capturing leads, to tracking customer payments, integrating Xero and Capsule together can help you understand the end-to-end financial health of your business.


Transpond is an intuitive marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with Capsule. Use templates, automate emails, and capture data with forms when communicating or making transactions with clients and prospects.


Link Capsule with over 2,000 business and productivity apps such as Slack, Google, Formstack and much more to automate basic workflows and reduce admin time shifting data from one tool to another.

Microsoft Outlook

Easily access data and information from your email through Capsule’s CRM for Outlook. Connect Outlook to a powerful CRM to streamline your customer relationship management processes and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Why you need a Recruitment CRM

Thanks to modern technology, recruitment agencies no longer have to rely on paperwork and intuition to make informed decisions when improving client relationships and proposing the right candidates for roles. Client relationship management systems are the perfect tools to improve your administrative processes and client relationships.

If you’re still looking for the right software solution to do all of this and more, here are the top reasons why you should opt for a recruitment CRM:

Manage a Huge Talent Pool

A recruitment CRM lets you manage a bigger talent pool because you have a single database, making it easier to view candidate profiles and other information throughout the recruitment process.

It helps you store and organize details such as skill sets, experience, and employment history in a centralized database. You can then sort your information accordingly to find the best fit with any roles you’re recruiting for.

Improve Candidate Engagement

A recruitment CRM will improve candidate engagement. It allows you to segment your data more easily, and when used with a marketing platform you can keep potential candidates up to date with roles and what is happening with your company. It’s a great way to open up communication channels and build client loyalty.

Get Better Referrals

Regardless of the outcome of a candidate’s job application, they will always appreciate a good hiring experience – the speed of the hiring process, the communication and efficiency with which it is handled. According to Linkedin’s 7 Recruitment Trends for 2020, applicants are most likely to refer a company to other job applicants they know if they had a positive hiring experience:

“Regardless of whether they get a job offer, applicants who are satisfied with their candidate experience are more than twice as likely to recommend the hiring organisation to others, compared with those who were not satisfied (62% vs. 28%)”

Using a recruitment CRM allows you to offer better hiring experiences for candidates.

Reduce Time, Cost and Storage

Recruitment CRM software can automate a range of manual recruitment processes. You can then focus on placing the right candidates in the right roles instead of submitting and screening a lot of paperwork related to the recruitment process. You can devote your time and energy to the interview process, reducing the time and cost on your side.

You can save your recruitment team some time sifting through emails or managing data via spreadsheets. With recruitment CRM like Capsule, you have one central location to manage all your clients and candidates and their key information. You'll even be able to see the whole history of your candidate interactions in one place, including emails, calls, CVs, notes and more.

Track and Evaluate Your Hiring Process

Aside from the ability, experience and background of the candidates you manage, your hiring process itself could also impact the success rate you have. A recruitment CRM can help you customize, track and evaluate all parts of your hiring process for improvement.

By doing this you can see where any opportunities are dropping out of your funnel, and focus on improving conversion.

Build a Network of Clients and Talents With Capsule Mobile CRM

Capsule CRM for real estate is not just about functionality; it also promotes productivity, portability and convenience. Our Capsule CRM mobile app is the best portable and productivity platform to help recruiting agencies build a sustainable network of clients and talents that can convert leads to sales–even when on-the-go.

Instant Communication

Capsule recruitment CRM on mobile allows for seamless communication with available contacts, including the ability to make calls, send messages, and emails directly from their profile. Recruitment agencies with CRM access can connect with clients, talents, and company staff to share information or request updates—all while on the go. The app also offers the added benefit of viewing a contact's location on a map, making it easy for recruitment agencies to connect talents with companies on a specific location.

Offline Mode On The Go

Any modifications you make are synchronized with Capsule mobile CRM, even when you are offline. When you go online, all the changes on reports and updates you made will automatically update. This feature is best for recruiting agents who require access to information while on the move or for recruitment agencies with fully remote employees.

Real-Time Reminders

Get instant real-time updates on your clients and talents throughout the recruitment process with the Capsule CRM mobile app, available 24/7 on your mobile devices. This feature allows you to stay informed about the recruitment process as it happens–through notifications, reminders and schedules, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with the latest information.

Mobile Apps Integration

Just like its desktop counterpart, our Capsule recruitment CRM on mobile supports the integration of third-party applications that can help you fully optimize your CRM on portable devices. Third-party integrations for email, social media and scheduling management are supported.

Note-taking and Call Logging

Every call you make–whether it’s for a client or a talent is automatically logged as an activity. Capsule on mobile will then prompt you to add notes, if necessary, for future reference or to make reports and create reminders.

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If you’re still exploring the benefits and features of recruitment CRM and candidate relationship management systems, start your journey with Capsule, the smart, simple online CRM that can help improve your hiring process and target your business goals simultaneously.

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Capsule CRM’s name is synonymous with ease of use, productivity and functionality. That’s why we’re trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide—by recruiting agencies, HR managers, manpower agencies and other professionals in the same field. Capsule CRM for real estate is your best partner to attract buyers and sellers, convert leads and win sales.