Sales Analytics Software

Forecast your sales accurately with our sales analytics tools. They dig deep into your sales data and answer your critical questions.

Sales Analytics for forecasting

Our sales dashboard analyses you opportunity data to give a simple forecast of future sales and it calculates your conversion rate.
These simple sales analytics help you forecast more accurately so you’ll see the deals that are most likely to convert and when.

  • Quickly see the value of your pipeline at a glance and spot the months your sales peak and trough. Making it easier to make investment decisions.
  • Track your conversion rate over a set period of time to get a feel for the number of sales likely to convert during the month, quarter or year ahead.
  • Get an overview of the number of opportunities sat in each stage of your sales pipeline. Click through to get the detail and see what’s needed to push them through.


Sales analytics for performance

If sales is a bit of a numbers game, the more sales activity you do, the more likely you are to win business. Our activity reports help you analyze salespeople’s performance and instantly see who’s winning and who’s struggling.

And if you’ve identified a specific sales activity that increases your chance of winning a deal, such as a call to discuss the proposal, you can easily add this activity to Capsule.

Not only will you be able to track this customized activity, you’ll help drive this new behaviour across the team too.


Sales analytics to help you grow

Once your data is organized in Capsule, you have the tools to analyze more than just your sales data.

By simply tagging each contact with relevant information, you can create and save lists to segment your customers based on their preferences, activities, risk of leaving or anything else you wish to analyze. This will help guide your marketing and sales approach, making it more targeted and personalized.


All the sales analytics tools in Capsule are there to help you grow your business. You’ll have all the data and sales tools you need to feel in more control of your business.