Sales Analytics

Insightful reports to help you make key decisions

Monitor every aspect of your sales cycle and better understand your business to help you make more informed decisions.

Sales Analytics

See how healthy your pipeline is with reporting

See how your team is getting on with activity reports

Easily export all of your valuable reporting data

Sales Analytics

Know your business inside and out with analytics

Our sales analytics tool allows you to see where time is being spent and compare it to the number of sales coming in. It even allows you to track unique sales activities so you get a picture of each individual's performance and can spot any new activities that are converting better than others.

Sales Pipeline Forecasting

Quickly see how healthy your pipeline is with our five pipeline reports:

  • Pipeline Forecast

  • Pipeline by Owner

  • Pipeline by Team

  • Pipeline Growth

"Thanks to Capsule's clean interface, it’s incredibly easy to use. Very little training is required, we can easily track client communications, our sales pipeline and the Xero integration makes billing clients seamless too."

Ash Young

Managing Director, Evoluted

Activity Reports

See how your team is getting on with activity reports

How many calls are your team making? Are they generating enough leads? Compare team, sales activity type, and volume side-by-side.

Available on plans ProfessionalTeams

Sales Performance

Insights that make it easier to plan ahead

With our sales reports you'll know exactly how your team is performing. How many opportunities are you winning or losing? Who is your top salesperson? Which team is performing the best?

Available on plans Teams

  • Won / Lost Opportunities

    Quickly see the number or value of won and lost opportunities by person or team. Our useful reporting tool will help you spot trends across the year or teams and identify any performance issues before it’s too late.

  • Leaking Pipeline

    Use this sales report to see exactly where you're losing sales. By knowing where opportunities are being lost, you can dig deeper and see what can be done to improve your processes or workflow to prevent a drop-off in sales.

  • Average Time to Won

    See how long it’s taking each individual to close a sale and see how long they are spending in each stage of the sales process. You’ll spot the most efficient salespeople immediately and those that need more support.

  • Average Sales Value

    Track the average size of your deals to spot trends across individuals or teams. See if your deals are increasing each month or if some individuals aren’t stretching themselves enough. And get insight into why some opportunities take longer to convert.

  • Lost Reasons

    Track every lost sale to see exactly why you didn’t win with our Lost Reasons reporting tool. Drill down and see where individuals or teams are losing sales. By spotting trends, you can take action before there is any negative impact on future sales.

  • An example of a Capsule graph to show won or lost opportunities over time
  • An example of a Capsule graph to show where sales are dropping off
  • An example of a Capsule graph to show how long customers spend in each stage of the sales process.
  • An example of a Capsule graph to compare the monthly average size of a sale
  • An example of a Capsule graph to show the most common reasons for lost opportunities

Additional features

Filter by user or team

Get a more focussed view of any report by filtering by any team or owner to show you only what you need to see.

Export reports

Export all of your report data or save an image of your chart for import into other tools such as Excel.

Custom activity types

Add to the existing activity types with custom options that are meaningful to your business.

Full report breakdown

We provide a full breakdown of your report data in a table which can also be exported for later.

Looker Studio reports

Create your own bespoke reports on your sales opportunity with our Looker Studio integration.

Filter by pipeline

Focus your report on a specific pipeline to get a more accurate view of your sales.

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