Capsule fits your business

Capture the right information with flexible custom fields or customize the look to match your brand.

Customize capsule

Custom fields

Create custom fields for your business relations to record exactly what you need.

Create custom tags

Set up tags to categorize or group your contacts based on your own business needs.

Process customization

Customize the sales milestones and pipelines to fit your process.

Generate custom lists

Create lists of contacts based on custom searches and filters.

Create custom fields

Extend tags with your own custom fields that are relevant to your business. For example, if you sell to customers through partners you could add your own fields to the customer tag to record who the introducing partner was and the date of introduction.

Customise Capsule

Change the look of Capsule to suit your own branding

Capsule allows you to change the look of your interface to suit your own branding. Choose a custom logo for your login screen and also change the color scheme of Capsule so you feel right at home as soon as you log in.

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With the Capsule app, you can easily get at all your contact information when you need it the most.

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