CRM for Architects

Streamline your architecture business and enhance client relationships with Capsule CRM for architects. Our client management software can help you stay on top of everything.

CRM for Architects

Transform potential clients into actual projects

Gain a complete overview of your sales pipeline, projects, and tasks. You can transform potential clients into actual projects through our single database that holds everything important to your business.

Software for architecture firms of all sizes

Architecture firms have various needs, especially in software and hardware requirements. That's why we designed Capsule to be highly customizable - select the integrations, sales milestones, and project stages that make sense to you.

Maximum capability and compatibility

At Capsule, we recognize that architecture firms require the flexibility to handle client interactions while on the move and using various devices. Therefore, we have engineered our system to be both mobile-friendly and compatible.

Our mobile app boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can take Capsule anywhere—site visits, client meetings, and other field activities, for example—and experience no downtime.

Build client loyalty

Keep your clients coming back for more with excellent service and unique projects. Our CRM for architects will help you identify your clients' needs and preferences so you can offer personalized solutions and services—from the development of concept designs to the preparation of documents and construction administration. Make your products and services unique and build client loyalty.

Do even more with integrations

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all your favorite software, giving you a complete view of your customer. Find out more about Capsule's wide range of integrations that you can use to automate and optimize your architecture firm.

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From capturing leads, to tracking customer payments, integrating Xero and Capsule together can help you understand the end-to-end financial health of your business.

Better Proposals

The simplest and fastest way to send beautiful proposals that make you stand out and win business. The integration allows you to live search your Capsule contacts from within Better Proposals, and helps companies create professional proposals faster, get them signed quickly and securely, track proposal performance, and provide analytics and reporting. Better Proposals ultimately improves the sales process so you can win more businesses.

Tidy Enterprise

Tidy Enterprise makes everything tidy — literally and figuratively. Paired with Capsule, it offers several features that can assist businesses with project management, cleaning, and data organization. The software provides tools for task tracking, project timelines, and resource allocation. This allows you to easily manage and monitor project progress and allocate resources effectively to ensure timely completion of tasks.


Transpond is an intuitive marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with Capsule. Use templates, automate emails, and capture data with forms when communicating or making transactions with clients and prospects.

Why architects need a CRM

Architecture firms face various challenges impacting their success and ability to deliver high-quality services, such as client retention, cash flow management, regulatory hurdles, and talent management. These challenges are always on the rise due to the competitive nature of the architecture industry. Given this, architects and architecture firms need the right tools to stay on top.

A CRM with all-inclusive features can help architecture firms rise to the occasion and eliminate these problems. Here are the reasons why architects need CRM:

Refined task organization and record-keeping

Architects work on complex and detail-oriented projects that require careful planning, management, and execution, so they need a foolproof organization system to work efficiently and effectively.

A CRM system can provide a centralized location to store and manage all project data. This can improve project management, reduce errors, and ensure that all stakeholders are informed about the status of a project, ultimately leading to better project outcomes and increased client satisfaction.

Improved team communication

A CRM can be a real game-changer in improving communication for architects, clients, contractors, and other critical people in a project. Architects can keep track of contacts with all the key people in one place and record highlights of these communications for data gathering and reporting. They can also build a rapport with stakeholders and ensure everyone works toward a common goal.

Some conversation highlights may include valuable insights into client preferences, needs, and feedback. By keeping a record of all client interactions, architects can better understand their clients' needs, allowing them to tailor their services and communication to meet those needs.

Efficient talent management

Managing multiple architects in an architecture firm can be challenging, but a CRM can keep track of all your interactions with architects, including resumes, portfolios, and job applications, all in one place.

For your current talent, a CRM can provide insights into their performance and potential. You can track their progress, skill development, and feedback to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training and development opportunities to help them grow and thrive. For onboarding new architects, a CRM can streamline the recruitment process so you can effortlessly search and filter through candidates based on their skills, experience, and qualifications.

Better financial management

Financial management will help architecture firms operate more efficiently, make informed decisions, and maintain good relationships with clients and stakeholders. Money flow is important in an architecture business that designs and produces structures. The goal is always to make a profit while keeping your clients satisfied with every project you build.

More meaningful client relationships

Architects can personalize their client services by taking the time to understand each client's unique needs, preferences, and goals—this is important to understand their vision for a specific project. Personalization needs data, and architects can gather them through regular communication such as meetings and surveys. A CRM can make data gathering, storage, and analysis much faster and easier for accuracy and efficiency.

Architecture firms can use CRM to capture and record data; including client preferences, past projects and communication history. This information can be used to tailor the firm's services to each client's specific needs and preferences during the design, development, and construction phases.

Let architects design a better world with Capsule's mobile CRM app

Architects are not made to be confined to offices. They must often leave the office for site visits to understand the project's context and limitations, meet with clients, contractors, and stakeholders to present designs, discuss project timelines and budgets, and address concerns.

For architects on the go, Capsule designed a CRM mobile app that they can take anywhere:

Stay connected online and offline

Capsule's mobile CRM app ensures that any changes you make are synced, even if you are offline or having difficulty accessing a stable Internet connection. Once you connect to the Internet, all the modifications you've made, including updates and reports, are automatically updated. This functionality is handy for architects inspecting sites or meeting clients—those who need to access information while on the go to work with other architects and key members remotely.

Get notified anywhere, anytime

All updates from other team members also appear on your mobile app in real time. This facilitates quick and effective communication with clients, enabling everyone to stay connected and informed, even while on the move or out of the office.

Communicate in one app

You can communicate all your business with other key people in the firm using Capsule's mobile app. You can start calls or emails directly from a contact's profile or find a contact's location using a map.

Record calls for effective client data collection

With Capsule's mobile app, gathering customer data becomes effortless. The app's advanced features automatically generate an activity log for every call, enabling you to track your client interactions easily. Additionally, you can immediately add relevant notes after each call, making capturing important information and insights simple, such as new client requests or revisions.

Free CRM for Architects

If you're still exploring the various possibilities a CRM offers, then Capsule is the ideal platform for you. Our free version is available for architecture firms and architects with up to 250 contacts. Capsule provides access to all the fundamental features of an excellent CRM for architects, allowing you to enhance your client management process and automate administrative tasks.

We also offer a 14-day free trial for all our paid plans, which can be canceled anytime and does not require credit card information. You can use both the website and the mobile app during this complimentary period. If you decide to proceed with a plan, you can choose from our four paid plans: Starter, Growth, Advanced and Ultimate.

Trusted by Thousands of Architects Worldwide

Capsule CRM's name is synonymous with integrity, productivity, and functionality. That's why we're trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide—by architects, engineers, interior designers, and more.