CRM for Schools

Access student contacts, manage meetings and appointments, boost student acquisition rates, and ensure students feel valued by offering an exceptional educational experience - all from one central location. Capsule is the perfect CRM for schools, allowing you to organize the data you need to retain and communicate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.

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Organize your student data

Store all of your essential student data in one place, making it quick and easy to find information when you need it most. Information is fully searchable using text, email and custom field matching, ensuring you can always find what you’re looking for. Centralized organized data helps you to manage your school’s relationships with students and their parents more easily.

Personalize communication

Using Capsule CRM, you can communicate with students, parents and staff in a much more personalized way. You can easily access past interactions and other valuable information from one place, allowing communication to be tailored to the individual and for conversations to flow in a more logical way.

You can build more meaningful relationships with parents and prospective students, which can be especially beneficial when it comes to student acquisition and retention.

See where everything is up to

It’s so important to ensure that everyone who needs to has full access to see where things are up to with students. Is there a key milestone they need to hit, and what conversations are happening to support that? Capsule ensures everyone is working to a single consistent view, meaning you can keep your student’s success firmly in view.

Easily add contact details

Already have your contact data saved in another application? No problem! With our CRM for schools, you can effortlessly import existing data directly into your new Capsule CRM database in a number of ways, including via spreadsheet, Outlook or Google Contacts.

The right email tools

Aside from helping you manage contact and communication data, Capsule offers a number of ways to use email. With these, you can improve the quality and efficiency of your email communications. If you know an email works well, create a template to use it again and again.

Never miss a beat

Set up workflow automations easily, so emails are automatically sent out when specific events occur, such as a new student starting school. Create emails aimed at specific audiences and store all emails from students or parents.

Do even more with integrations

Your school may already use a wide variety of tools and software packages every day. This is why our CRM for schools supports a wide range of integrations.

See all our integrations

Capsule is your Gmail-integrated CRM to store contacts, add tasks, and track sales with ease.

Google Calendar

Easily manage your schedule by viewing Capsule tasks alongside Google Calendar events.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Sync your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Capsule to create an agenda view of upcoming events.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Sync your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Capsule to create an agenda view of upcoming events.

Why do you need a CRM for schools?

A high-quality CRM for schools is a necessary investment to manage interactions with students and their parents. Capsule CRM keeps all data in one central location for quick and easy access.

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