CRM for Construction and Contractors

Be more organized when you're on the move with a CRM that makes managing construction businesses effortless no matter where you are. From winning clients to fulfilling work orders, right through to receiving payment, Capsule's with you every step of the way. Our CRM for construction and contractors can help you accomplish more and reach greater heights.

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Best CRM for Construction Businesses and Contractors

Information at your fingertips

Keep everyone informed and up to date with all your business information in one place. Connect all your favorite apps so all your customers' data is synced with Capsule automatically, giving you one complete picture of your business.

Feel more organized too with all your tasks and follow-up activities stored in Capsule alongside all your project and client information. By having all your contacts in one place, you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations for greater efficiency and profitability.

Build relationships on the move

Stay in control of your construction company's projects and contacts whether you're on the road or onsite with Capsule's mobile app. Stay organized and productive no matter where you are, so you can focus on delivering high-quality projects and services to your clients.

Access your customer information, calendar, tasks and sales pipeline from your phone in real time. Plus, you can even use it when you're offline, Capsule Mobile will sync any changes when you reconnect.

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Standardize your winning approach

Standardize your winning approach

The key to winning a project, delivering it on time and within budget and increasing customer satisfaction is precision. And to achieve precision, construction companies must be able to accurately estimate project costs and timelines, effectively manage their resources and closely monitor project progress.

Send emails straight from Capsule and use our email templates for things like estimates, customer onboarding and frequently asked questions.

Once you've won that construction project, define your step-by-step processes for each stage of a project and share with the team so deadlines are no longer missed and everyone follows a winning approach. Record notes, emails and files relating to every stage of a project, making it easier to keep on track.

Do even more with integrations

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all your favorite software - giving you one complete view of your customer. Add your preferred apps to Capsule to work the way you need to.

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Tidy Build

Tidy Build is a cloud-based project management software tailored for the construction industry. It can help improve project management, document management, cost management, collaboration, site management, time tracking, analytics and reporting. Overall, Tidy Build can improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase profitability.


Cin7 allows you to manage all your sales channels, inventory, point of sale and supply chain in one central, cloud-based software. As an integration, it can help to optimize operations and increase profitability.


Use the Capsule CRM integration for Xero and get one complete view of your business, from capturing leads to invoicing and payments. Keep on top of your transactions and help your business grow. Xero can improve your company's financial management, reducing errors and increasing profitability. Keep on top of your transactions and help your business grow.

Better Proposals

The simplest and fastest way to send beautiful proposals that make you stand out and win business. The integration allows you to live search your Capsule contacts from within Better Proposals, and helps companies create professional proposals faster, get them signed quickly and securely, track proposal performance, and provide analytics and reporting. Better Proposals ultimately improves the sales process so you can win more businesses.

Why Construction companies need a CRM

The construction industry is highly competitive–with multiple companies vying for the same projects and contracts. As such, construction companies in the commercial or residential sectors and currently maintaining long-term relationships with clients can find construction CRM software beneficial.

Here are the top reasons why Construction companies need a CRM:

Better project management

From pre-build and design phase to post-project, construction companies are responsible for managing relationships with stakeholders, including clients, subcontractors and suppliers. Construction projects, after all, require a wide range of resources - from materials and equipment to skilled labor. Effective project management is essential for successful project completion to ensure that all resources are allocated effectively and efficiently. A CRM can make it possible.

A CRM for construction can provide companies with project management functionality, helping them manage their work and relevant stakeholders. As a result, all project stakeholders or key members will have access to the most up-to-date information, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and delays.

Custom-fit client solutions

Construction projects can vary widely in terms of scope, budget, timeline and complexity. Clients may have specific requirements or constraints that need to be taken into account, such as design preferences, sustainability goals, budget limitations or regulatory compliance. It's important to meet all the demands and requirements of each client.

CRMs designed for construction can provide valuable insights into customers' needs and preferences to provide custom-fit client solutions. By tracking customer interactions and gathering data on their preferences and requests, construction companies can gain a better understanding of their customers' needs and develop tailored solutions to ensure that the project meets expectations. This can help improve customer satisfaction and potentially lead to repeat business and referrals. It also helps construction companies stand out in a highly competitive industry. By demonstrating a commitment to meeting client needs and providing exceptional service, construction companies can build strong relationships with clients and earn a positive reputation.

Improve sales process and management

Construction CRM software provides visibility into the entire sales pipeline, from lead capture to deal closure, in a centralized location. This includes all leads, opportunities and customer data. Sales teams can track the progress of each lead and remove potential roadblocks, enabling them to take proactive measures to keep the pipeline moving.

Using a CRM, construction companies can also create a structured sales pipeline with defined sales stages that represent the progress of a deal from initial contact to closing. Sales teams can easily see which stage each deal is in, and managers can use this data to forecast sales revenue and plan resources accordingly.

Workflow automation

Automation is essential for construction companies that want to remain competitive and efficient in today's market. By improving accuracy, increasing efficiency, ensuring safety and compliance, and providing real-time insights, automation can help construction companies optimize their operations.

A CRM system can make workflow automation in construction companies possible by automating routine tasks, and freeing up sales teams to focus on high-value activities such as building relationships with clients and closing deals.

All-angle data analytics

Construction is a complex and high-risk industry that requires careful planning, management and execution. Good data can play a critical role in helping them navigate these challenges and achieve better outcomes.

A construction CRM can provide a variety of metrics and reports that help construction companies get better data, track performance and make data-driven decisions.

Build more client relationships with Capsule on mobile

Construction employees are often working in the field or at remote locations. Projects typically involve many different stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, and each key member is often required to work outside the office to complete certain tasks. This can make it challenging to keep track of project details, communicate with team members and manage customer relationships. This is where Capsule CRM's mobile app can be a game-changer for construction companies.

Easy collaboration

The Capsule CRM mobile app allows you to start calls, messages or emails, view tasks and opportunities, and even automatically log calls. Even when offline, the app will sync any changes made when reconnected, making it a convenient tool for on-the-go communication and collaboration. This is a great feature for communication with co-workers, teams, clients and business partners. Employees can also view a contact's location on a map, making it easier to plan and coordinate tasks.

Mobile integrations

Capsule CRM on mobile offers customized integrations and applications that can improve workflows. These integrations offer enhanced features that can help construction companies manage projects and campaigns and generate leads and sales under a personalized system.

Integrating Capsule with other business applications can also help improve your company's flexibility and customization, allowing you to create more personalized customer experiences and expand its functionality.

Timely updates and notifications

With Capsule on mobile, construction companies can receive real-time updates and notifications about project progress, task completion and other critical information. This allows managers and team members to stay informed and respond quickly to any issues that arise.

Customer service

Mobile CRM can help construction companies deliver better customer service by providing them with access to customer information, communication history and other data in real-time. This allows them to respond quickly to customer queries, resolve issues efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

Data gathering

We automatically log a call as an activity on Capsule's mobile app, so you can add notes as soon as you've finished a call and improve your data gathering even outside the office. With this feature, employees and other members can enter data in real-time, immediately after a meeting or phone call.

Free CRM for construction companies

If you're still in the process of exploring the various possibilities offered by a CRM, then Capsule is the ideal platform for you. Our free version is available for construction companies with up to 250 contacts. Capsule provides access to all the fundamental features of a construction CRM, allowing you to enhance your client management process, automate administrative tasks, and begin adopting new technologies.

We also offer a free trial for all our paid plans, valid for 14 days. This free period gives you access to both the website version and mobile app. If you want to move forward with a plan, you can choose one of our three paid plans: enterprise, teams, and professional.

Trusted by construction companies worldwide

Capsule CRM is one of the best CRMs for construction companies. Our name is synonymous with integrity, productivity and functionality. That's why we're trusted by thousands of construction companies worldwide—by construction managers, engineers, finance managers and more.