Project Management

CRM that helps you sell and deliver

Once you’ve made that sale, you actually have to deliver your product or service. There’s no need to take this work out of Capsule. Manage your sales and services in one system using Projects, our built-in project management tool.

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Create kanban-style project management boards

Use Tracks to follow a winning process every time

Give your team complete visibility across a project

No more information silos
One Platform

No more information silos

Bring your team closer together and break down silos by having one tool to manage sales, service and support. By having your team on the same page they can focus on delivering an exceptional experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Save time on double-entry and switching between apps and prevent mistakes as you’re not transitioning data between systems.

Kanban-style boards
Project Boards

Work your way

Project management boards in Capsule are easy to use and fully customizable. Set your own project stages to help your team achieve their goals by breaking projects into smaller steps. With our Teams and Enterprise plans, create multiple boards for the different teams, processes and services you have - the choice is yours.


Consistency is key

By following the same project management process your team becomes accustomed to the processes they have to follow. Power up Projects using Tracks - this is what we call a grouped series of tasks. Add Tracks to Projects and your team can deliver the same level of service again and again.

Power up Projects using Tracks
Status updates at a glance
Project Visibility

Status updates at a glance

With projects being managed alongside your customers and deals, the whole team has better visibility of project status. Your team is kept in the loop and those who need to update your customers can do that quickly from Capsule.

Team and project managers can see the entire team’s workload, who’s working on what, who can deliver the next project, and identify any bottlenecks that might be holding projects up.

Define Processes

Deliver your work faster

Defining a process means that key tasks don’t slip through the cracks. As your team becomes accustomed to this process, they’ll be able to move projects forward quickly to the next stage or to completion as they’ll always know what to do next.

Deliver your work faster

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