CRM for Accountants

Get one complete view of your clients, understand their needs and build closer relationships.

CRM is effortless for accountants, giving you get back more time to spend with your clients.

Build client relationships like never before

Store everything you know about your clients in one central place.

Record personal information, such as the name of your client’s partner, children or the date of their next funding round. The more you know about your client, the easier it will be to engage with them and build close relationships.

A first-class experience for every client

Easily manage your sales opportunities in a clear and simple sales pipeline which reminds you to keep in touch with your prospects to stay top of mind.

Quickly spot trends and gain deep insights to create new tailored solutions for your clients.

If accountants want to survive in the online environment, they have to change from the model of providing a service based on referrals to one where they're providing a solution to businesses. When you start selling a solution, your base widens, you can sell nationally. That's when you need a sales funnel and a CRM like Capsule to track all your opportunities.
Denis Breen, Managing Director – ProfitPal Accountants

Save time on admin, gain more with clients

Feel more organized by pulling all your client information from spreadsheets or apps into one place and reduce manual entry.

Connecting to accounting apps like Xero is a breeze. Rated the #1 CRM app in their marketplace, together with Xero and other popular tools like Gmail, Capsule gives you one complete view of your client.

Never miss a deadline

Rest easy using our task management tools, ensuring you and your team will never miss a deadline.

Capsule tracks work back from or towards a set date. Simply create a list of tasks and get an email to remind you when the next step is due.

Ultimate focus on your clients

Partners can be safe in the knowledge their clients' data is only accessible to them, as access levels are easily set for each member of the team.

Focus teams by only displaying the customers they're responsible for, making it easier for them to keep the data clean and fresh.

Integrate tools to do even more

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all all your favorite software - giving you one complete view of your customer.


Xero is an online accounting system designed for small businesses and their advisors. It’s simple, smart and secure.


KashFlow is an easy to use, and easy to understand, web-based accounting application designed for small business owners with no accountancy training.


The fastest way to track time and invoice your clients. Send, track and collect payments quickly. Great for teams, freelancers and service providers.


The simplest and fastest way to send beautiful proposals that make you stand out and win business. Live search your Capsule contacts from Better Proposals.

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