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Sales Workflows: Tracks Explained

When managing a potential sale, it’s important to make sure that you strike a good balance between keeping your customers engaged and reminded of the sale without being a nuisance of constant reminders. It’s also good to make sure that you yourself (and your coworkers) are reminded of all the things you need to do for the sale, just at the right time. This is where Tracks in Capsule can be very useful.

What is a Track?

A Track is a series of tasks that a Capsule Administrator has predefined - like a template - that you setup where each task is setup to be due x days after the track has started or x days after the previous task has been completed. Using tracks, you can standardize your sales process to fit your winning strategy and instantly apply it to all Opportunities in your account for yourself and all your users to follow. If you need to tweak the process, then simply update the Track definition in your Capsule account settings and the next time someone applies a Track, the updates will be right there.

A simple Track might start with a task to reach out to the customer over email. Two days later you’ll be reminded to follow-up the email with a phone call and one weekday later you could have a task to schedule a meeting to discuss your offering in more detail. On the same day, you could remind yourself to make sure the meeting is noted down in the calendar and all relevant parties for the meeting are notified. A week after that your coworker could follow-up with another email with more specific details related to contracts for example.

A track with a list of tasks that you can check off

The Track can go on like this until you have “completed” your process. If you have a single Track then it would hopefully end with the customer signing a contract. If you have a lot more steps that vary a lot depending on different outcomes you can choose to setup multiple Tracks and so when one Track ends you pick the next relevant Track to add to continue the process.

Read more about how to setup tracks in our Data Enrichment setup article.

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