CRM for Professional Services

Take the client relationships at the heart of your organization to the next level and focus on delivering your expertise by using Capsule, the CRM for professional services.

Capsule helps you deliver better value and enhanced experiences to your clients while helping you to capitalize on every opportunity.

CRM for Professional Services

Bring your whole team together

Leave the rigorous tasks of manual data entry behind and start to build a rich, valuable picture of your clients. Capsule stores all communication with your clients against each record, including emails, calls, files, notes, and more, so your team can collaborate and focus on roles that matter.

Launch with ease

Capsule's user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it incredibly easy to implement, allowing you to quickly adapt and get started without any hassle. You can easily familiarize yourself with our CRM system, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing efficiency.

See how you're performing

Get visibility of how many opportunities have been won or lost, where this is happening, how long sales are taking to complete, and more with Capsule. Our analytics has everything you need to make data-driven decisions.

Endlessly customizable CRM

Create a variety of custom field types to suit your business and up to 50 custom activity types on our Teams and Enterprise plans. You can also create multiple sales pipelines to reflect your different services.

Do even more with integrations

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all your favorite software, giving you a complete view of your customer. Find out more about Capsule's wide range of CRM integrations that you can use to automate and optimize your professional services firm.

See all our integrations

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks helps you streamline your accounting processes and stay on top of finances. Send, track, and collect payments quickly so you don't have to worry about manual accounting and bookkeeping.


From capturing leads, to tracking customer payments, integrating Xero and Capsule together can help you understand the end-to-end financial health of your business.

Microsoft Outlook

Easily access data and information from your email through Capsule’s CRM for Outlook. Connect Outlook to a powerful CRM to streamline your customer relationship management processes and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Google Workspace SSO

SSO paired with Capsule, gives employees secure, single sign-on access to our CRM using existing Google credentials. This provides employees seamless access to Capsule and all its features, and enhances security and convenience by minimizing the number of credentials that employees need to manage.

Why professional services firms need a CRM

With the rise of globalization and the Internet, competition in the professional services industry has increased. To remain competitive, businesses need to stay current with the latest trends and technologies. In addition, they must also stay focused on meeting client expectations and embracing new technologies that may be required to improve skills, knowledge, and services.

A CRM for professional services firms can help address challenges by assisting firms in prioritizing services to clients over other tasks that can already be automated, managed, and analyzed with a system. Here are some of the main reasons why professional service firms should invest in a CRM:

Centralized client information

A CRM provides a centralized location where all client information can be stored and managed, including contact details, past interactions, billing information, and other relevant details. Businesses can keep track of their clients' needs, preferences, and history and provide better service.

In addition, businesses can easily access and analyze data related to client interactions and behavior. This helps identify patterns and trends that may be useful in future interactions. With this level of insight, you can provide more proactive and effective services and build long-term client relationships.

Automation of repetitive tasks

One of the key benefits of a CRM system is the automation of various tasks. This can include client onboarding, invoicing, and project management. You'll reduce the time and effort required for these processes, freeing up more time to focus on delivering high-quality services to your clients.

Client onboarding can be automated with pre-built templates and workflows that guide professionals through onboarding. Invoicing is another critical process, and a CRM reduces the risk of errors and delays, improves cash flow, and decreases administrative burden. Project management can also be simplified with automation. With a CRM, you can easily track progress, assign tasks, and collaborate with peers. This helps ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Enhance client communication

CRM helps you track all client interactions, regardless of the channel or medium used - web forms, social media, live chat, emails, or a ticketing system. Your professional service firm can extract data from client interactions and store it in one central location. This allows you to respond to clients quickly and effectively, providing a better overall experience.

A CRM system can also help you communicate more proactively with clients. By analyzing data on client behavior and preferences, you can anticipate their needs and reach out to them with relevant information or offers regarding current projects or future transactions.

Improve marketing efforts

Effective marketing activities and audience segmentation are crucial for creating new business opportunities and upselling to existing clients. CRM for professional services firms provides a powerful tool for achieving these goals. It can easily create targeted marketing lists that drill down to a specific audience and their needs. This level of segmentation allows professionals to tailor their marketing activities, ensuring that messages always resonate with your target market.

Maintain client retention and acquisition

One of the biggest challenges professional services firms face is losing valuable client data and network connections when an employee leaves the company. This situation can be particularly challenging if the departing employee has been the primary point of contact for certain clients, and their departure may cause disruptions in the clients' service. A CRM can address this problem.

Since a CRM for professional services stores all client information, contacts, notes, transactions, emails, and call notes centrally, it can retain all of this information after an employee leaves. This means their client portfolio can be easily transferred to another employee, who can pick up where they left off, maintaining good relationships with existing clients.

In the case of client acquisition, a CRM can help firms acquire new clients by providing tools for lead management, marketing automation, referral tracking, and data analysis. By capturing and organizing leads' contact information, firms can prioritize their efforts and focus on the most promising opportunities.

Build a network of professionals with Capsule's CRM mobile app

Capsule is mobile-ready. Our mobile app is designed to be used on the go. You can attend client meetings and recall key information on your mobile device. Record vital information on the fly as you attend client meetings, improving communication and collaboration across your organization. Build a network of professionals with Capsule's CRM mobile app.

Online and offline progress

You can connect with your clients or provide urgent updates and changes using Capsule online or offline. All changes you make on the app will be processed, regardless of whether you are offline or experiencing issues accessing a stable Internet connection. When you connect to the Internet, all the changes you've made are automatically synchronized.

Open communication anywhere, anytime

With Capsule's CRM app, you can initiate calls, text messages, or emails directly from a contact's profile, all without leaving the Capsule interface. There's also an option to view your contact's location on a map, helping you plan in-person meetings more efficiently.

Data gathering

Capsule CRM has advanced features that generate an activity log for every call, simplifying monitoring client interactions when there are reports, reminders, revisions, requests, and more. Capsule lets you add notes immediately after each call, so you can effortlessly record vital information and insights.

Productivity tools on the go

Having productivity tools that enable you to view and manage your tasks while on the move can make your daily routine easier. Capsule's CRM app provides various features for on-the-go productivity, such as a dashboard, calendar, and task list. You can organize and prioritize your workload according to your preferences via the mobile app.

Mobile app integrations

Capsule's mobile app also supports third-party integrations to unlock a whole new level of productivity and efficiency for your professional phone. Capsule's integration with tools such as Google and Microsoft, email marketing suites, and telephone and VoIP software can help you streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and improve client communication.

Free CRM for professional service firms

If you're still exploring the various possibilities a CRM offers, then Capsule is the ideal platform for you. Our free version is available for professional services firms with up to 250 contacts on storage. Capsule provides access to all the fundamental features of an excellent CRM for professional services, allowing you to enhance your client management process, automate administrative tasks, and begin adopting new technologies.

We also offer a 14-day free trial for all our paid plans. You can use both the website version and mobile app during this complimentary period. If you decide to proceed with a plan, you can choose from our three paid plans: enterprise, teams, and professional.

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