CRM for Travel Agencies

Deliver a remarkable customer experience from enquiry right through to post-trip feedback with Capsule's simple, yet powerful Travel CRM solution.

CRM for Travel Agencies
Complete view of your customer

Complete view of your customer

Customer information at your fingertips. Know their preferred locations and favorite hotels, making it easier for you to help them choose their next holiday and plan a hassle-free trip.

Win lifelong loyalty

Provide exceptional, personalized customer experiences that keep people coming back to you for all their holiday needs and create positive word of mouth.

Personalized service every time

Personalized service every time

Empower staff to deliver personalized experiences every time they connect with a customer by creating step-by-step processes in Capsule for everyone to follow.

Record all your unique approaches to sales, pre-trip, and post-trip tasks so everyone delivers the same level of service.

Work on the move

Stay in touch wherever you are with the Capsule mobile app. It's easy to keep on top of your tasks, sales opportunities and the team's activity from your mobile phone.

Capsule Mobile App

Organization for optimum performance

Manage more than your customer relationships in Capsule, store all your business contacts and interactions, making it easy to communicate with everyone in your supply chain.

Improve efficiency by bringing all your business information into one central hub. No more endless searches for information on emails, notes and spreadsheets, all you have to do is click.

Do even more with integrations

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all your favorite software - giving you one complete view of your customer. Find out more about Capsule's wide range of integrations that you can use to automate your travel agency's administrative processes and transactions.

See all our integrations

Help Scout

Help Scout is the ideal small businesses help desk that scales with your business while keeping every customer interaction personalized.


From capturing leads, to tracking customer payments, integrating Xero and Capsule together can help you understand the end-to-end financial health of your business.


Transpond is an intuitive marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with Capsule. Use templates, automate emails, and capture data with forms when communicating or making transactions with clients and prospects.

Wufoo Forms

Submit new contacts and leads directly into Capsule using a form on your website. This makes gathering data much easier for your sales and marketing departments whenever someone submits their information via your forms.

Why Travel Agents Need CRM

The travel industry is ever-changing, and that's why travel agents need to be competitive at all times and through all seasons, the peak and the low. They also need to be innovative, adaptable and proactive in understanding the needs and preferences of their customers. A CRM can help them achieve all of this and more to build a competitive advantage.

Here are the top reasons why travel agents should invest in a quality CRM:

Centralized customer data And booking information

Travel agents work with customer data on a daily basis—from consultations through to booking confirmations. They need a system that can help them gather, store and manage data. A travel agency CRM can consolidate customer information in a single database. This may include details such as contact information, previous bookings, feedback and preferences.

This unified approach to contact management gives travel agents a comprehensive overview of their customers' travel history and preferences. Collecting this information allows travel agents to tailor their products and services to their customers' needs and provide a more personalized experience.

Improve sales and marketing efforts

A CRM for travel agencies can aid travel agents in managing their sales and marketing efforts since accessing customer information is a hassle-free process with a centralized database. By using a travel CRM with a marketing solution like Transpond, agents can design and deliver tailored marketing campaigns, monitor customer engagement and obtain valuable insights about their customer base.

This data-driven approach enables agents to tailor their services to suit customer preferences, enhancing their overall sales performance. In addition, travel agents can achieve more by using this kind of software, resulting in greater efficiency for your business.

Say goodbye to monotonous tasks

Travel agents encounter a lot of new and repeat customers, generating data that needs to be properly collected, stored and managed.

By using a CRM, travel agents can automate their workflows and also take the hard work out of repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails for example. Automation minimizes the amount of time that agents spend on administrative work, freeing up their time to focus on offering exceptional customer service.

Provide better customer service

One of the most important areas a travel CRM can improve is customer service. Exceptional customer service is crucial for travel agencies. If you can deliver a more tailored service to your clients they'll feel more valued, and will be more likely to return.

A CRM for travel agencies helps you to provide responses to feedback, inquiries, consultations and also to respond to concerns in a timely manner. Offering support and assistance throughout the travel process,is the definition of excellent customer service for travel agencies.

Improve customer acquisition and retention

When dealing with multiple customers, a CRM system can simplify the sales process for travel agents. As your client base expands, it's important to focus on cultivating leads and building brand loyalty. Existing customers require personalized attention to continue delivering sales. With a travel CRM system, you can access a visualized pipeline that allows you to define stages and track their decision-making progress–from consultation to making an actual booking.

Capsule's CRM for travel agents is the ideal tool to assist with managing and visualizing sales pipeline stages.

Track performance

A CRM for Travel Agents can help to track the performance of their team of agents. These insights can be leveraged to enhance processes and improve overall performance.

For example, a travel CRM can be useful in monitoring and analyzing the sales pipeline, which helps identify the number of leads, conversions and revenue generated by a travel agent. It can also track the performance of customer service representatives by keeping a record of customer inquiries and resolution times.

Give your agents access from anywhere with Capsule CRM On Mobile

Travel agents are always on the go, traveling to explore new destinations where they can bring tourists to. A mobile CRM offers convenience and is a useful tool. Our Capsule CRM mobile app is the best portable and productivity platform to build collaboration across your network of travel agents.

Collaboration among agents

A mobile CRM can help to improve collaboration across your team, wherever they are. Collaboration features like messaging, task assignments and shared calendars are included in Capsule mobile CRM, enabling team members to remain organized and aligned towards their common objectives.

Conveniently access data

A significant advantage of Capsule's mobile CRM app for travel agencies is it allows employees to view customer data and other crucial information on their mobile devices from anywhere. Our mobile CRM provides real-time access to our centralized database.

Make changes offline

Capsule's mobile app can synchronize any modifications you make when you're offline once you reconnect. This feature is particularly beneficial for travel agents who require access to customer data while traveling and can be helpful when there's no reliable internet access in a specific location.

Faster customer response times

The Capsule mobile app can improve your overall customer response time. Since travel agents and customer service representatives can access and update customer information and communication history in real-time, regardless of location, they can easily handle customer inquiries, requests and issues to reduce resolution times and enhance customer satisfaction. In addition, Capsule's mobile app offers automated notifications and reminders that helps ensure that customer inquiries and requests are addressed quickly.

Automatic logging of calls And interactions

You can gather data effortlessly with Capsule's mobile app. Capsule will automatically create an activity log for any call made, and will immediately allow you to add any relevant notes as soon as the call has ended.

Free CRM for Travel Agents

If you're still in the process of exploring the various possibilities offered by a CRM, then Capsule is the ideal platform for you. Our free version is available for travel agencies and agents with up to 250 contacts. Capsule provides access to all the fundamental features of a travel CRM, allowing you to enhance your client management process, automate administrative tasks and begin adopting new technologies.

We also offer a 14-day free trial for all our paid plans. During the trial you can use both the website version and mobile app. If you decide to proceed with a plan, you can choose from our three paid plans: enterprise, teams, and professional.

Trusted by travel agencies worldwide

Capsule CRM's name is synonymous with integrity, productivity, and functionality. That's why we're trusted by thousands of travel agencies worldwide—by travel agents, coordinators, administrative staff, and more.