CRM for Real Estate

Capsule is perfect for busy real estate agents who are always on the go. Helping you manage your contacts, listings, and transactions all from your mobile.

We run all task management through Capsule. We use it to keep on top of each stage of our processes, and to manage projects.
Juli Wenger, Owner – Sold Edmonton Real Estate Group

Manage listings on the go

Stay on top of your admin while you're out meeting clients or viewing properties, with Capsule's mobile app. Create follow up tasks, activities and send emails direct from your phone.

Linking your clients to the properties they're interested in, on Rightmove or Zillow, saves tons of time when getting ready for a viewing. Simply find your client in Capsule, click on the property they've booked to see and follow on Google maps. It's that easy.

Everything in one place

Keep up to date on everything agreed and outstanding by connecting Capsule to your email, marketing, accounting apps and more.

Easily manage each lead through your sales process, connecting every relevant note and document, giving you a complete view of every opportunity.

Your listings at a glance

Manage your listings and their progression effortlessly with your sales pipeline. Simply drag and drop your sales from one step to the next.

See, at a glance, the properties and locations selling well and those that need more attention.

Stellar customer service

Give every client a high level of service as every member of the team is informed and up to date on every case.

Deliver an exceptional service that builds trust, encourages repeat business and generates positive word of mouth for your business.

Standardize processes

For all your unique approaches to buying and selling property, quickly create workflows in Capsule for everyone to follow.

Your team will know what's expected and your clients will receive a consistent level of service.

Integrate tools to do even more

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all your favorite software - giving you one complete view of your customer.


Xero is an online accounting system designed for small businesses and their advisors. It's simple, smart and secure.


Level-up your sales process with one-click dialing, automatic call logging and intuitive sales metrics. Start making local or international calls in under 3 minutes.

G Suite

Access Capsule directly from Google Mail. Link your Capsule contacts and tasks to your G Suite account.


Get documents signed online, quickly and easily. Send all kinds of documents to your customers including contracts, T&C's and NDA's and link your Signable account to make things even easier!

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