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What is a CRM?

What is CRM? It's a Customer Relationship Management tool, used in many ways from organizing contacts to managing projects. But the best way is to use it to build customer relationships.

7 CRM Hacks you need to know about

We’ve put together 7 CRM hacks to help you get more value out of your CRM system and increase confidence in your data.

CRM for Real Estate

Discover how to use a CRM system in Real Estate to gain a huge competitive advantage.

Have a productive day, every day

When you juggle too much your IQ reduces, so here's how Capsule keeps you focused and intelligent!

How a CRM can transform your business

CRM is a must for every small business. Here's how it can transform the way you work and help deliver real growth.

Part 3: Implementing a successful CRM - Keeping it alive

As your new CRM becomes business as usual, here's how to keep it fresh, relevant and loved.

Part 2: How to implement your CRM successfully

Now your CRM is ready to go live, here's how to launch it to the business and boost adoption rates.

Part 1: How to implement your CRM successfully

CRMs are a long term investment. Find out how to make your CRM a success from the start by involving the right people and creating CRM champions.

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