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Understanding Projects

What is a Project?

Projects allow you to keep everything related to a particular project or event that you’re working on, including relevant documents, tasks and communications together in one common place.

Projects encourage collaboration within your company while giving you easy access to everything you need for a particular piece of work.

How Projects can work for you

Here are some ideas we have for how you can use Projects:

  • Post Sale - A Project can be linked directly to an Opportunity. You can manage all post sale activities such as ensuring agreed work is delivered, holding customer requirements for that project and following up with customers for feedback.
  • Events - When hosting or attending an event, a Project provides you with an area for keeping track of communication, tasks, attendees and files.
  • Marketing - Before your sales cycle begins you might like to use Projects for nurturing your leads, or for storing marketing collateral.

We have found different industries use Projects in different ways. Here are some examples of how they can be used for different companies:

  • Travel companies use Projects for each of their tailored tours eg. safaris, mountain trek.
  • Real estate companies create a Project for each of the properties they have for let/sale.
  • Construction companies use Projects for capturing specification details for building projects, while running the job from start to finish.
  • Accountants use Projects for managing tax returns and year end processing.
  • Technology companies create Projects for managing the beta period of new features.