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G Suite CRM Integration

Integrating your Capsule account with your G Suite domain couldn’t be easier. Once enabled you can enjoy Single Sign-On so all your Capsule users can login using their Google login details rather than a separate Capsule username & password.

If you’re looking to store emails from Gmail in Capsule then please install the separate Capsule Add-on for Gmail by following these steps.

Enabling and Disabling the integration

After installing Capsule into your G Suite domain, users access Capsule straight from Google’s universal navigation in the same way as they would access other Google apps such as Google Mail or Calendar. Here’s an example of what that looks like for a user:

Enabling the integration

In order to enable the integration you must:

  1. Make sure that the first email address listed on each of your users’ contact records in Capsule is the email address they use to login to their G Suite account. Click here to read about how to update your email address in Capsule.
  2. Email with the following details:
  • your G Suite domain (e.g.
  • your Capsule account (e.g. https://[ACCOUNT]

We will then provide further instructions for you to complete on your G SuiteApps domain.

Disabling the integration

If you wish to retain your Capsule account but disable the G Suite integration please contact us on and we’ll disable the integration for you.

Installing the Gmail Add-on

Installing our add-on will give you access to a host of useful features from within Gmail:

  • Store entire conversation threads
  • See details of existing contacts when you open an email
  • Add follow-up tasks
  • Record and link sales opportunities and cases
  • Add new contacts, cases and opportunities
  • Use the add-on from within your Gmail Android app.

Follow our simple install guide to get started with the Gmail Add-on for your G Suite domain.

Enabling single sign-in for your G Suite domain

If you get the message “Currently this single sign-in feature is disabled for the domain…” when trying to log into your Capsule account it indicates that single sign-on has been disabled on your domain and must be re-enabled in order to access Capsule via G Suite single sign-in.

To enable, visit Manage this domain click ‘More controls’ at the bottom Security Show more Advanced Settings Federated Login using OpenID and tick the box to allow.

Removing Capsule from G Suite account

If you’ve decided not to continue with Capsule you can remove it from your G Suite account using these instructions:

  1. Visit your G Suite admin dashboard by using the cog in the top right hand corner and selecting Manage this domain from the menu.
  2. Now click on Apps Marketplace apps
  3. Now you’ll find a list of all your installed apps. Find and click on Capsule CRM in the list.
  4. Now click on the little trash can icon on the top right to Remove App.