New Logo and Brand for Capsule

We started Capsule eight years ago with a mission to create a CRM that’s simple, intuitive and powerful.

Covering More Support Hours

Moving part of our team to the US to cover more support hours

Updates to our support portal

Updates and improvements to our support portal articles

Support Portal Redesign

As part of our continued commitment to providing efficient and accessible customer support, we have recently rolled out a new design for... refresh

We’re excited to have rolled out a new design for Technically we’ve made use of web standards such as HTML5 and...

Into the finals for CRM Idol

We’re very pleased that Capsule has made it to the finals of the CRM Idol contest. CRM Idol is a new competition...

New Capsule Support Portal

We have updated the Capsule support portal. It now includes full content search and it can be accessed from the support link...

Javelin is now Capsule

As per our previous blog post and email notification to users, Javelin is renaming to Capsule. The switch over of the branding...

Javelin is being renamed to Capsule

This weekend Javelin is being renamed to Capsule. Accounts on the system will continue as before with the same data, username and...

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