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    Business Enrichment for Contacts

    As your Contacts grow, one great feature we now have for optimizing your data is the Enrichment Feature for businesses. This can help enrich your contacts by pulling in Company information for your saved Organization records, all of which is done automatically - so no need to enable anything from the Account Settings!

    For the Enrichment feature to pull in Company info and data for an Organization - you’ll need to make sure that you are on a the Growth Plan or above, and that there is a company email associated with your Organization records saved in your Capsule account.

    Once information pertaining to an Organization has been found for a record, you can see this displayed in the right hand panel when you are in a company’s saved record directly. You can find information categories like industry, employee range/number of employees, location, estimated annual revenue, company tags, and more!

    example of enrichment table

    Another great utility for this information from the Enrichment feature, is that you can also add these columns to a list of your Organizations within a list view

    example of columns in the list view

    You can also use some of the Enrichment categories for filtering a list of your Organizations within a List View... such as a certain Company Tag, or if you wanted to filter based on a certain amount of employees at the company - there are many useful ways you can filter and utilize this information within your Capsule account!

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