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How to use data enrichment to support better prospecting in B2B sales

Capsule now offers data enrichment to better understand your ICP and make prospecting more efficient.

Olivia MacCunn · June 10, 2024
How to use data enrichment to support better prospecting in B2B sales

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If you work in sales, you’d probably describe it as ‘a numbers game’. In other words, your performance depends on your volume of emails and calls and ultimately, the sales you make.

That’s where data enrichment can make a difference. It’s the process of finding and recording relevant information about contacts, for both the individual people at an organization as well as the company as a whole. This information is then used to qualify leads, filter your database, and create segments in marketing.

Crucially, it means identifying contacts in your ideal customer profile (ICP) faster. The time it takes to research the leads in your database is time you could spend warming relationships and moving prospects through the funnel.

So, how can you reduce your time spent researching a lead’s contact details, a business’s revenue, or inevitably finding your contact no longer works for the company?

Good news - Capsule now automatically populates information in Business Enrichment and Contact Enrichment. Let’s see what that means in both cases.

Business enrichment

Why spend five-ten minutes researching every prospective business when Capsule’s Business Enrichment feature does for you?

By expanding what you already know about organizations in your contact database, Business Enrichment empowers you to make smarter decisions, close more deals and drive revenue growth. Qualifying and pursuing leads using accurate data leads to higher conversion rates and better sales outcomes.

What can you expect to see Capsule automatically enrich?

Let’s look at just some of the fields Capsule will populate with Business Enrichment

NameThe company's nameSmith & Co.
Legal nameThe company's legal nameSME Holdings
DomainThe company's
LocationThe company headquarters address99 The Shambles, New York, NY, 10001, USA
Phone numbersA list of phone numbers listed on the company's website+1 866-241-4820, +1 415-805-3400
Email addressesA list of email addresses listed on the company's,
SectorThe broadest tier of company industry classificationInformation technology
IndustryThe third tier of company industry classificationInternet software and services
Company tags - Not to be confused with Capsule's Tags

A list of company vertical descriptors. Typically more granular than industry classification.

Technology, SaaS, B2B
EmployeesThe total number of employees that work at the company123
RaisedThe total amount of funding raised by the company$20M
Annual revenue

The company's annual revenue. This attribute is available for public companies only

Tech tags - Not to be confused with Capsule's TagsA list of technologies used by the companygoogle_tag_manager, amazon_ses, facebook_advertiser, aws_iam

The company's stock symbol. This attribute is available for public companies only


Contact enrichment

If pre-populating prospective company data wasn’t exciting enough, Capsule also does it at the personal level, automatically feeding data points into your contacts’ records.

No longer will you need to rely on external tools and services to source this information, nor will you need to import it into your CRM. With Capsule, you can find it in your CRM as standard (for users on the Growth, Advanced, or Ultimate plans).

With all the relevant information at your fingertips, you can quickly qualify the leads in your database without the need for fruitless cold calls or bouncing emails. Easily find and nurture key decision-makers with messaging tailored to their record for better rapport and more efficient sales.

What contact details does Capsule populate?

Here are some attributes you can expect to see in your contact records

Given nameThe person’s first nameJane
Family nameThe person’s last nameSmith
LocationThe city, state, and country where the person livesNew York, New York, USA
TimezoneThe person's time zone based on their locationEST
BioThe person's bio surfaced through their own social media accountsCMO at Smith & Co., Advisor, Mentor
Employment nameThe name of the company the person works forSmith & Co.
Employment titleThe person's title at the company they work forChief Marketing Officer
LinkedIn handleThe last section of the person's LinkedIn profile URLJane Smith 11
GitHub handleThe person's GitHub profile usernamejane-smith-11
Active at

A timestamp indicating when the person's email was last detected as active

Inactive at

A timestamp indicating when the person's email was last detected as inactive


What are the benefits of CRM data enrichment?

Find contacts that fit your ICP in a pinch

Business Enrichment provides detailed information about an organization’s attributes, allowing sales reps to qualify leads more effectively and making it a breeze to find the prospects that fit your ICP.

Personalize your sales pitch and marketing messaging

By understanding the attributes of an organization, sales reps can tailor their messaging and approach to resonate with the prospect’s specific needs and challenges.

Similarly, marketing teams can use this information to create better segmentation, addressing target audiences and persona needs in relevant, effective ways.

For instance, you could filter your contacts by an attribute from above, such as industry. From there, you could create a list to send tailored marketing emails with blogs and case studies that apply to those contacts.

Increase sales efficiency

Without access to enriched CRM data, it takes between five and ten minutes per record for sales reps to manually research and update records with key data - an inefficiency that significantly builds up over time. An enriched CRM offers sales reps and marketing teams more time to focus on high-value activities such as prospect engagement and building relationships.

Close more deals, faster

Armed with deeper insights into organizational dynamics, sales teams can have more informed and impactful conversations with prospects, leading to higher conversion rates and improved sales outcomes.

Understanding the opportunities marketing brings

Access to enriched data enables marketing leaders get more from their CRM, helping them analyze and better understand their ICP.

Transform your sales and empower your team using comprehensive insights available on the Growth, Advanced, and Ultimate plans. Try a free 14-day trial of any of the above and discover the benefit of data enrichment.