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One click export

Duncan Stockdill · September 15, 2010

Capsule runs on the battle-tested services from Amazon and we backup your data every hour and regularly test the restore process. So I've got every confidence in our restore capability should we ever need it. However there's nothing like having a copy of your data to hand for the ultimate peace of mind. We're also strongly of the view that customers own their data and should be free to export and move their data to another service. To make this easier, we've added a new one-click export function to Capsule.

The new export function generates a single ZIP file and emails it to you. The zipped file contains CSV files for your contacts, opportunities and cases, including a history of emails and notes. We've chosen to stick with CSV for the export since this is the most portable format for transferring data into another system.

By the way, if you're looking for a CSV file to support mail merging or analysis in spreadsheet I'd suggest using our lists feature. This excludes email and note history which makes the CSV file easier to work with.

We hope you find this feature useful, and many thanks for your feedback.

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