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Can you close sales with Close CRM (+ alternatives)

Find out whether Close CRM can actually help you close deals faster in this blog post.

Jon Davis · October 18, 2023
Can you close sales with Close CRM (+ alternatives)

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Having the right CRM tool is a game-changer for your business when it comes to improving sales and fostering relationships.

In this blog post, we'll take an in-depth look at Close CRM by exploring its features to see if it's the right fit for your sales team.

But we won't stop there; we'll also introduce you to compelling alternatives on the way.

What is Close CRM?

Close CRM, also known as, is a customer relationship management platform designed to assist sales teams with managing their leads, contacts, and communication effectively. Close CRM and sales productivity tools help businesses close more deals faster.

Let's explore a few key features.

Key features of Close CRM

Email tracking and automation

Close CRM keeps tabs on your email interactions and automates follow-ups, reducing or eliminating manual data entry.

Lead and contact management

It provides a centralized hub to manage leads and contacts, making it easier to organize and track interactions.

Sales reporting

Close offers sales reporting and analytics to help you make data-driven decisions, providing insights into your sales process.

Built-in calling

It includes a calling feature, enabling you to make and record calls directly within the platform. You might already be familiar with these features and may even use them. But are they the best fit for your sales team? To help you decide, let's delve into the details more and see what users think about Close.

Why should you look for alternatives to Close CRM

Close CRM has a lot of helpful feautures, but it's important to consider some potential roadblocks.

No free account available

Unlike some of its competitors, Close CRM doesn't offer a free account option. This can be a limitation, especially for small businesses and startups that operate on tight budgets. If you're seeking cost-effective solutions, read on.

Or simply sign up for a free account with Capsule today.

Far from being user-friendly

Close has often been criticized for not having an intuitive interface, a point frequently mentioned by reviewers on G. A less-than-user-friendly interface can be a drawback, as it will hamper efficiency and productivity.

This review is just one example of how users find it challenging to use this tool:

A particular area where I feel the CRM system fell short, difficult navigation, and potential usability issues.

Given that a CRM system is a tool that is intended to simplify complex tasks and streamline operations, ease of use is crucial in order for it to be effective for everyone on the team.

Slow solution

Reviews often highlight problems with Close's performance during calls, with users finding it slow.

This review says it all: Inconvenience: Closing the dialer app means you won't have immediate access to call logs, contacts, or the dial pad until you reopen the app. If you need to make or receive calls frequently, having to reopen the app each time may be inconvenient.

Low-graded integrations

Users on TrustRadius have criticized Close CRM for its limited integrations, which makes it difficult to connect everything smoothly. This can affect the flow of the entire team.

This review expresses that Close isn't user-friendly and has limited integration options:

Different aspects of the software seem to be down quite a bit, i.e., phone, app, etc. I know there is a way to create and use tags, but it isn't very user-friendly, and it's something we despera_tely need and have brought up several times over the years (we're a long-time customer). Wish the integration with Zendesk was a little stronger.

These limitations can affect efficient task & customer management.

Another negative that users often mention is that Close struggles with customization requests.

Close might struggle to cut it when it comes to these basic needs of a CRM. This not only holds back employees from working efficiently, but it can also create drawbacks for the sales process and create problems with customers.

Now, let's see if there's an alternative out there that better aligns with your needs and frustrations.

Best alternatives to Close CRM

Given Close's limitations, here are some alternative CRM options that may be a better pick:

  • Salesforce - A powerful yet challenging and pricey CRM solution.
  • Pipedrive - Efficient but may not offer the comprehensive feature set required by more complex sales teams.
  • Zoho - Serves various businesses but could overwhelm smaller sales teams looking for a more streamlined solution.
  • Copper - Known for its integration with Google, it offers a CRM solution yet may lack some advanced customization options.
  • Capsule CRM - User-friendly and budget-conscious with a free plan, Capsule excels for startups and small businesses

With all of these alternative options, let's see what makes Capsule stand out from the crowd and why you should consider it.

Capsule as a better CRM solution for your sales team

We know that having the right CRM tool is essential for your business success, which is why Capsule provides smart views on how to elevate your sales efforts.

Now we'll explain why Capsule stands out as a superior solution for your sales team, and explore its quality attributes that integrate with your needs.

Let's check what Capsule offers and how it could impact your business.

Easy set-up: start right away

Users often appreciate this standout feature. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process allows salespeople to hit the ground running.

All in one CRM: adaptable for any industry

One size does not fit all, and we understand that. The versatility of Capsule CRM makes it suitable for all businesses, whether they provide professional, financial, IT, or any other services. Our professional plan is built to accommodate your revenue growth.

Free plan: get started without breaking the bank

Budget constraints can be a genuine concern for any business, especially startups and small enterprises. That's why Capsule offers a feature-rich plan that empowers your business growth journey without any upfront costs.

With our free plan, you can save money and explore the full potential of Capsule CRM without worrying about your budget.

You have it all, including integrations with essential business software.

Integrations: connect seamlessly

Capsule seamlessly connects with a wide range of essential business tools, maintaining your sales team's productivity while they streamline the workflow and close more deals.

Scalability: grow your business

Scalability is crucial for growth. As your brand expands, Capsule grows with you.

This allows employees to handle increased demand and drive revenue growth without worrying about system limitations. This is what makes Capsule CRM the perfect choice for long-term success.


Tired of hunting for the right CRM? Here's the deal:

  • Close CRM - cool features but no freebies, and using it is a bit like finding your way in the dark.
  • Capsule - a free plan, a breeze to use, and you can customize it to fit like a glove.

So, if you're feeling drained and need a CRM pick-me-up, Capsule's got your back. Easy sales, smooth customer connections – no sweat.

Discover Capsule with access to our 14-day free trial.