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8+ best telephone and VoIP CRM integrations

Discover how the integration of Capsule with VoIP telephone systems enhances call management, optimizes customer interactions and drives business growth in this insightful guide.

Chloe Lloyd · February 23, 2024
8+ best telephone and VoIP CRM integrations

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In this guide, we discuss what VoIP CRM integrations are and the advantages of connecting a VoIP and CRM system, as well as evaluating the top providers offering telephone and VoIP CRM integrations.

What is VoIP CRM integration?

Your customer relationship management (CRM) software holds all your valuable customer information. In a nutshell CRM helps you with:

  • Contact management
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Task and activity management
  • Sales & activity reporting

VoIP allows you to make internet-based phone calls and has additional features such as:

  • Call forwarding and routing
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • VoIP integrates voice, video, messaging, and other communication channels into a single platform.
  • VoIP systems commonly include auto-attendant menus or interactive voice response (IVR) systems.
  • Conference calling and collaboration

When paired together, your VoIP system displays CRM data, notes from previous engagements and additional customer records on agents’ screens.

VoIP-CRM integrations also automatically update your CRM software system with customer data, notes, follow-up tasks and more after your calls.

Advantages of CRM with VoIP integration

You may wonder whether a full integration is necessary and are happy to keep the two systems separate. However, considering all the benefits that come with VoIP CRM integration, it's hard to pass up.

Enhanced call management

A VoIP CRM integration automatically pulls data from your CRM application to help your users have all the details they need at their fingertips when placing customer calls and can focus on making the sale. Also, it improves productivity because they don’t need to pull key data from disparate systems.

Improved customer experience

Integrating VoIP technology with a CRM provides business customers with an incredibly personalized experience. During a customer phone call, sales reps can offer personalized detail based on the client's background information that's in the CRM. This improves customer satisfaction as sales reps and customer support agents are more knowledgeable about customer requirements.

Effective data collection

Since data is synced between the two services, agents never have to manually enter data into both systems, saving time, effort and improving data . They only ever have to enter data into one system at a time that's synced across the two and used by peers across your organization.

It makes your agents happier

Most people hate repetitive tasks, especially when commision-based and every second spend copying and pasting numbers from a spreadsheet or manually typing them into your VoIP solution count.

With a CRM VoIP integration, you can click to call from the CRM itself saving you time switching between systems.

Keep an eye on important call analytics

With a CRM VoIP integration, an integrated system provides you with a way of monitoring calls. It shows incoming and outgoing call metrics along with KPIs. You can track metrics such as number of calls made, the time taken for each call and then you can drill down into call details too.

8 telephone & VoIP phone system providers that integrate with CRM

Our list breaks down the leading VoIP solutions and integrations they have with Capsule.


Invoco’s integration creates and updates contacts seamlessly. After calling a contact, Invoco conducts a real-time lookup to your Capsule database.

If a matching contact is found, Invoco automatically adds a call note to the contact record and provides a link to the call recording in the Invoco portal. In cases where no matching contact is found, the VoIP solution creates a new contact in Capsule, ensuring no leads or inquiries get lost.

Also, the integration generates Missed Call Tasks for incoming calls that go unanswered, enabling users to rapidly follow up on new opportunities.

By combining online and email tracking capabilities with a comprehensive call history, you’ll get a holistic view of your interactions with your contacts.

Additionally, desktop call notifications offer real-time insights into incoming calls, providing quick access to contact records in Capsule in one click.

For users leveraging the Invoco Hosted PBX system, caller information is seamlessly relayed to Invoco VoIP phones, further enhancing the efficiency of communication workflows.

With Invoco's integration with Capsule, you’ll optimize your contact management process and stay ahead in building meaningful customer relationships. For those interested in exploring the integration further, Invoco has this demo video on their website.


CircleLoop is a VoIP provider that gives users a powerful cloud phone system directly in their CRM platform. With CircleLoop's integration, users can enhance their Capsule experience by logging every call, voicemail, and call recording as Notes against contacts in the address book.

This comprehensive call activity logging ensures that you’ll have a complete record of your communication history in Capsule. One standout feature of the integration is the Next Level Inbound Caller ID, which displays all caller details from Capsule on-screen, regardless of the device used for CircleLoop.

This helps you instantly identify callers and access their details you’ve recorded in Capsule with a single click, streamlining incoming calls and recording customer interactions.

Also, CircleLoop uses Capsule Contact Syncing, ensuring that contact details in Capsule automatically sync with CircleLoop. This synchronization keeps contact information automatically up-to-date, improving communication management.

Furthermore, CircleLoop offers lots of additional features, including cross-device phone numbers, call analytics, conference call capabilities, and team management, accessible through its intuitive app interface.


Kixie offers phone and SMS integration for CRM, streamlining administrative tasks and empowering sales teams to boost productivity and win rates.

A standout feature of Kixie's integration is its Click-to-Call functionality, which helps you initiate calls directly from customer profiles in Capsule. By clicking, calls are placed via Kixie, and all call activities are automatically logged in Capsule. Also, users can record call outcomes in Kixie, ensuring comprehensive activity tracking in Capsule.

Kixie's comprehensive calling and texting platform offers advanced features that enhance productivity without increasing headcountAI-powered local presence, helps you reach up to four times more leads, while features like voicemail drop and SMS templates save up to three hours a day.

The multi-line PowerDialer enables connections with up to 10 times more leads, and the Automated LeadCaller boasts a 200% increase in connection rates, helping sales engage effectively and efficiently with prospects.

By integrating Kixie with Capsule, you’ll gain access to a powerful sales tech stack that simplifies workflow processes, increases lead outreach, and improves the rate at which you successfully connect calls.


With Yay's CRM integration, you can enjoy instant click-to-dial functionality, automatic activity logging, call recording, contact synchronization and a suite of call features.

Streamline your workflow with one-touch click-to-dial, transforming on-screen phone numbers into clickable links for instant connection with leads and clients. The integration automatically syncs Capsule contacts, ensuring that vital contacts are readily accessible whenever needed.

Users can conveniently view call and activity logs directly within the Capsule dashboard, providing insights into call durations and times without the need to switch between platforms.

Yay's integration with Capsule extends to call recordings and voicemail management, offering features such as voicemail-to-email and call transcriptions for seamless client communication tracking.

Also, Yay's phone system has additional features designed to simplify business operations, including smart call routing, instant scalability, contract-free plans, multi-device compatibility, customizable phone numbers, and productivity-boosting features like click-to-dial.


SwitchboardFREE provides virtual phone numbers and business VoIP phone systems. With the Capsule integration, SwitchboardFREE automatically synchronizes your Capsule database. Your contacts are updated across all your devices, including the Contact book, app, softphone, and desk phones. Simultaneously, all call activities are logged in Capsule, providing a comprehensive record of interactions.

The integration offers additional value with the innovative A.I. Caller Greeting™ feature, which greets callers by their name sourced from Capsule’s Contact Management, creating a more personalized experience.

Also, you are audibly alerted to the caller's name before accepting the call, allowing better preparation and engagement. Notes from Capsule are automatically linked to call recordings, enabling access to important information during client interactions.

When a call is answered, the caller's Capsule profile instantly opens in the browser, providing immediate access to relevant client details and history. Integration setup is straightforward. You simply need to click the "Sync contacts" button in the SwitchboardFREE Contact Book and authorize the connection with Capsule.

In addition to integration benefits, SwitchboardFREE offers VoIP and telephony services aimed at helping businesses create a more professional image, establish a national or local presence, manage calls effectively, and track marketing effectiveness.


JustCall helps you make and receive calls directly within Capsule, streamlining communication processes and ensuring that all call activities, texts, call recordings and voicemails are automatically logged under relevant contacts.

Making calls from Capsule is effortless with JustCall – users simply need to click a button next to a phone number to initiate a call. The platform enables users to track their conversations effectively and provide insights into daily interactions.

JustCall, automatically records every call made, so you’ll always have call recordings and voicemails forfuture reference. Moreover, JustCall provides click-to-text links, allowing users to send text messages to leads and contacts directly from Capsule. For missed calls, JustCall generates call-back links, enabling users to follow up promptly with their contacts.

The integration creates activities in Capsule for every call made or received, ensuring that all communication activities are meticulously tracked and documented. Users can listen to call recordings and voicemails in Capsule, further enhancing the efficiency of communication management. integrates with Capsule, allowing users to efficiently manage call summaries and tasks within their CRM account. When a call comes in and a call summary is generated, automatically creates a ‘Task’ in the user's Capsule account, categorized under ‘Call.’ The complete call summary is included in the ‘Detail’ section of the Task, providing users with details of each call.

Users have the flexibility to link these tasks to specific contacts, opportunities, or cases within Capsule , ensuring that all communication activities are accurately recorded and easily accessible. By responding to every call promptly, businesses can avoid missed opportunities and potential loss of business.'s 24/7 agents, supported by AI technology, handle calls professionally, ensuring exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

In addition to call management,'s virtual receptionist service offers opportunities to grow the sales pipeline. The sales development team can engage directly with leads, qualifying them to build a robust book of business. With outreach campaigns, businesses can leverage's expertise to effectively reach out to leads and nurture relationships, driving sales and business growth.

Also, enables businesses to act on every message efficiently. Whether it's pre-sales inquiries or customer support queries, offers a blend of both human and AI-powered chat support.


SoftPhone.Pro provides users with a desktop SoftPhone solution that connects to their SIP service. With SoftPhone.Pro, users can make and receive calls directly on their desktop, enhancing communication efficiency and accessibility. When a contact calls, SoftPhone.Pro notifies the user of the incoming call, ensuring prompt and informed responses.

One of the key features of the integration is the click-to-call functionality from Capsule through a browser extension. This feature enables users to initiate calls directly from Capsule and eliminates the need to switch between applications. By integrating SoftPhone.Pro with Capsule, users can manage their communication activities within the CRM platform, improving productivity and customer engagement.

Unlocking the potential of CRM-VoIP integration: Key benefits and functionalities

As highlighted in our exploration of leading VoIP software providers, integrating VoIP and CRM offers many benefits, including improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and streamlined data management.

From click-to-call functionality to automated call logging and comprehensive call analytics, businesses can leverage integrated telephone and VoIP CRM solutions to optimize their communication processes and drive meaningful outcomes. To see for yourself what Capsule and a VoIP phone system can do for you, start a free 14-day trial of Capsule today.

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