Accounting Tweaks

This blog post was written before Javelin was renamed to Capsule. See this post for more details.

The Javelin integration with Xero and KashFlow has been very popular since its release a few weeks ago. We’ve been tweaking this functionality based on ideas and feedback from our users which has been top notch as usual. Here’s a summary of the recent changes that are live:

  • Suppliers are now included from KashFlow. For the initial release it was customers only.
  • A supplier view which shows invoices from your suppliers and their statuses. Just a bit of background on the naming convention here - KashFlow calls these “Receipts” while Xero calls them “Accounts Payable Invoices”. We’ve decided to use the term “Supplier Invoice” because we think it’s clear and ensures we have common terminology for any accounting system that we integrate with.
  • Automatic tagging as Customer and Supplier. This makes it easy to see the relationship you have with a contact and you can use the tags to filter searches and lists.

We have a further tweak in the works that we expect to release for Monday. Currently if you view a person (e.g. Joe Blogs) attached to a company (e.g. Acme Corp), you can export that person as a customer or supplier. That doesn’t make a great deal of sense as it’s Acme Corp that should be the customer/supplier in this example rather than Joe Blogs. We are making a simple change to fix this - when exporting a person that is linked to a company, Javelin will detect this and export the company details instead. Also, when viewing a person that is linked to a company, Javelin will display the opportunities and invoice information for the company.

Here’s a screenshot showing a supplier with the tag and invoice information:

Kashflow invoices

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