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30+ best sales meeting ideas to try in 2024

Discover the top 30+ sales meeting ideas to elevate your business in 2024. From interactive games to impactful presentations, these innovative strategies will boost engagement and maximize results

Rose McMillan · December 4, 2023
30+ best sales meeting ideas to try in 2024

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Every year, around 24 billion hours of work are wasted because of unproductive meetings. If you host meetings with your sales team frequently, they can be daunting sometimes.

To make them more effective and interesting, you could consider fresh ways to spice up your meetings. Well, you've landed in the right spot.

We've compiled an impressive collection of 30+ sales meeting ideas that are tailor-made to help you drive more successful outcomes from your sales meetings. Read more to find out more.

What are sales meetings?

Sales meetings are internal gatherings where your team discusses anything sales-related, including things like sales pitches, what's working, and what's not. You also share success stories and review customer feedback.

The goal is to hold productive sales meetings that lead to improving your sales skills and hitting your targets. A weekly sales meeting is a key part of keeping the sales machine running smoothly through a regular get-together during which team members chat about their progress and plan for the week ahead.

Why should you have regular sales meetings?

Holding regular sales meetings i sproductive for a bunch of reasons. Let’s break them down below.

Keep everyone on the same page

Sales meetings help the entire team, including sales representatives, stay up-to-date on what's happening in the business. They provide opportunities to chat about what's been going on in the sales world, share successes and problem-solve and tackle challenges.

When everyone knows what's going on, it's easier to work together and more effectively.

Motivate your team

A successful sales meeting can boost everyone's motivation. You can celebrate wins, recognize top performers, and set new sales targets to keep the team fired up and ready to go.

Improve the sales process

When you have regular sales team meetings, you can discuss the sales process and find ways to improve it.. Team members can share what's been working and what hasn’t so that you can fine-tune your sales machine.

Plan for the future

Sales meetings help you plan for what's coming next, like having a roadmap for your sales journey. You can talk about the next sales meeting agenda and decide what topics to cover.

In a nutshell, sales meetings are the secret sauce for your sales team. They keep everyone in the loop, motivated, and ready to crush those sales targets.

30+ best sales meeting ideas

To take advantage of these undeniable perks, we suggest you take inspiration from our top sales meeting ideas. We've got something for any type of meeting, in-person, online, cold calling, inside and more.

In-person sales meetings

These are traditional face-to-face meetings during which salespeople meet with prospects or clients at a physical location, such as an office, conference room, or client's site.

1 - Outdoor adventure sales meeting

Instead of a traditional meeting room, take your sales team for an outdoor adventure like a hiking trip or a team-building climbing course. Combine discussions with physical activities to build camaraderie, teamwork, and morale.

2 - Sales Olympics

Organize a friendly competition among your sales team members where they participate in sales-related games and challenges. Reward the top performers with prizes, medals, or trophies to boost motivation.

3 - Customer appreciation day

Turn your in-person sales meeting into a customer appreciation event. Invite clients to join the meeting and share success stories. Create a festive atmosphere with food, entertainment, and interactive activities that motivate your team to excel at serving clients.

Online sales meetings

These meetings are conducted virtually through video conferencing tools or webinars. They are especially common when participants are in different locations.

4 - Virtual sales escape room

Incorporate an element of mystery and collaboration by organizing a virtual escape room challenge for your team. Solving sales scenario-related puzzles can be fun and motivational as participants work together to "escape".

5 - Sales Jeopardy

Host a virtual game of "sales Jeopardy" where team members answer sales-related questions for points. Create categories such as product knowledge, objection handling, and industry trivia. The competitive nature of the game can be highly engaging and motivating.

6 - Virtual sales karaoke night

After a productive online meeting, lighten the mood with a virtual karaoke session when team members take turns singing their favorite songs. This is a fun way to build rapport and motivation among remote team members.

Inside sales meetings

Inside sales meetings are conducted by sales reps who work remotely and connect with prospects or existing clients via phone, email, or online platforms. These meetings often involve discussing product features, pricing, and closing deals over the phone or through virtual communication.

7 - Inside sales challenge

Create a month-long inside sales challenge with different daily or weekly goals. Encourage healthy competition among team members with rewards for the highest performers such as gift cards or extra paid time off that can be assigned through an automated payroll system.

8 - Storytelling sessions

Have team members share their most memorable and inspiring sales success stories during a meeting. This not only motivates the group but also allows for peer-to-peer learning and bonding.

9 - Virtual office Olympics

Host a virtual "office Olympics" event where team members compete in fun challenges remotely. This could include sales-themed games like a "call relay" or "objection handling relay", injecting some fun into proceedings.

Cold calling sessions

In this type of meeting, sales reps make unscheduled calls to potential leads or prospects to introduce their products or services and gauge interest. Such calls can be conducted in person or over the phone.

10 - Cold calling role-play tournament

Organize a role-play tournament for team members to take turns playing the role of the salesperson and the prospect. Judges score them based on their cold-calling skills. The winner earns recognition and prizes.

11 - Cold calling bingo

Create bingo cards with common objections or outcomes during cold calls. Team members mark off the squares as they come across these situations. The first to complete a row or column calls out "bingo!" and wins a prize.

12 - Cold calling playlist

Encourage sales reps to create a motivational playlist of songs that pump them up before and during cold calling sessions. Share these playlists among the team for inspiration and energy in the meeting.

Sales team training meetings

These meetings deal with training and development for the sales team. They may cover sales techniques, product knowledge, market updates, and skill-building exercises, as well as other aspects.

13 - Sales escape room training

Combine training and team-building by creating a virtual sales-themed escape room with training materials hidden in puzzles. The team must collaborate to complete the training while "escaping".

14 - Sales knowledge quiz show

Turn training into a quiz show format – team members answer questions related to product knowledge, sales techniques, and industry trends. Use a leaderboard to keep the competition engaging.

15 - Gamified training modules

Develop gamified training modules that let sales reps earn points, badges, or rewards as they complete various training tasks. This adds an element of competition and motivation to the learning process.

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Sales pitch meetings

Sales pitch meetings involve presenting a product or service to a prospect with the goal of persuading them to make a purchase. These can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video conference.

16 - Role reversal pitch

In this activity, switch roles so the prospect becomes the salesperson and vice versa. It's a fun way to help the sales team understand the customer's perspective and improve their pitches.

17 - Pitch improvisation challenge

Create friendly competition by giving each team member an unexpected scenario or object and challenging them to incorporate it into their pitch. It's a creative way to sharpen pitch skills and encourage outside-the-box thinking.

18 - Pitch slam

Organize a "pitch slam" event when sales team members present their products or services in a fast-paced, high-energy format. Use a timer and judges to rate each pitch and award prizes to the most compelling ones.

Sales review meetings

These meetings involve reviewing sales performance data, quotas, and goals. Sales managers often lead these meetings to assess progress, identify challenges, and strategize for improvement.

19 - Sales awards ceremony

Celebrate achievements in a fun way by organizing a mini awards ceremony during the review meeting. Give out humorous awards like "Best Deal Closer" or "Objection Master" to recognize outstanding performance.

20 - Sales performance game

Create a game where team members can earn points or rewards by correctly answering questions related to their sales performance data. This interactive approach keeps everyone engaged and reinforces key metrics.

21 - Sales improvement brainstorm

Encourage team members to share their ideas on how to overcome challenges and improve sales performance. This is an engaging way to involve everyone in problem-solving.

Account review meetings

Account review meetings are held with existing clients to discuss their current satisfaction, address any issues, and explore opportunities for upselling or cross-selling.

22 - Customer appreciation day

Turn an account review meeting into a customer appreciation event by inviting your clients to join the meeting and share their success stories. Celebrate with virtual games, quizzes, or even a virtual dance party to make it memorable.

23 - Upsell challenge

Challenge your sales team to come up with creative upselling or cross-selling opportunities during the account review meeting. The team member with the most innovative idea can win a prize, encouraging proactive thinking.

24 - Client spotlight interviews

Feature a "client spotlight" segment during the meeting when a client shares their positive experiences and how your product or service has benefited them. It's a motivational way to showcase success stories and build client relationships.

Product demo meetings

During product demo meetings, sales reps showcase the features and benefits of their product or service to potential customers. These can be conducted in person or virtually.

25 - Demo relay race

Divide your sales team into groups and have them create quick, engaging product demos. Each team takes turns presenting their demos in a relay race style, making it fast-paced and fun.

26 - Interactive product simulation

Build an interactive product simulation or game that allows customers to explore the features and benefits of your product. This is a hands-on way to engage prospects and demonstrate your product's value.

27 - Product demo challenge

Challenge your sales reps to create the most creative and memorable product demos. Encourage them to use props, storytelling, or humor to make their demos stand out.

One-on-one sales coaching sessions

These sessions involve a sales manager or coach providing personnalized feedback, guidance, and coaching to individual sales team members to help them improve their performance.

28 - Role reversal coaching

In this coaching activity, have the sales manager or coach take on the role of a challenging customer or prospect while a sales team member plays the salesperson. It's a fun way to practice objection handling and adaptive selling.

29 - Sales improvement gamification

Create a game-like environment for coaching sessions by setting specific performance improvement goals and milestones. As each sales team member achieves these goals, they earn badges or rewards. This can make coaching sessions more motivating and interactive.

30 - Video sales reviews

Encourage sales team members to record their sales pitches or customer interactions. During coaching sessions, review these recordings together and provide constructive feedback. This video feedback approach allows for a visual and reflective learning experience.

Competitive analysis meetings

Sales teams gather to discuss market trends, competitive intelligence, and strategies for differentiating their products or services in the marketplace.

31 - Competitive analysis showdown

Divide the sales team into groups, with each one being responsible for analyzing a different competitor. Have them create "battle cards” summarizing strengths and weaknesses then host a showdown-style presentation with each group trying to convince the others that their competitor analysis is the most valuable.

32 - Market trend prediction game

Turn discussions of market trends into a game. Ask each team member to make predictions about upcoming industry trends. Keep track of their predictions over time and offer prizes to those who make the most accurate guesses. It's a pretty cool way to engage in strategic thinking.

33 - Product/service differentiation challenge

Challenge the sales team to brainstorm and present innovative ideas for differentiating your products or services from competitors. Encourage creativity and reward the most unique and promising ideas.

With these examples at your fingerprints, you're ready to transform your sales meetings forever. Make sure you take advantage of these ideas they can transform the way you work.

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Wrap up

Now, it's time to roll up your sleeves, sales leaders. Take these ideas and run with them to elevate your sales meetings and, in turn, boost your team's performance.

Keep this in mind: a more effective meeting equals better sales outcomes. We wish you all the best of luck in implementing these strategies – your team's success is just around the corner.