New: the latest updates to our Outlook Add-in

New: the latest updates to our Outlook Add-in

Introducing our latest enhancements to the Capsule Outlook Add-In that help you get more done. New features include the ability to:

  • Store entire conversation threads
  • Enable automatic contact storage
  • Add Tasks from the Add-In
  • Use the Add-In from the iOS Outlook App

Store whole conversation threads

Available on the Teams and Enterprise plans. You can now store entire conversation threads at the click of a button, helping you to concentrate all your communication in Capsule.

Plus, you’ll have the option to store all future emails from a contact and choose whether to store previous emails from a contact too.

These new additions will help you to automate more of what you do and save time. You’ll no longer need to store each message manually - Capsule will do that for you. Plus, you’ll never forget to store a message again as it will be done automatically.

Enabling automatic contact storage in Capsule

Action emails by creating tasks

You can now add Tasks to Capsule directly from the Outlook Add-In so you remember what you need to do to follow up from an email. When creating a Task you can add a description, add details, select a category and choose a time and date when the Task is due. If this is a Task you need to do regularly then you can also set it to repeat.

From the Add-In you’ll be able to see any Tasks due on the current day, any upcoming and also any overdue Tasks. If you’ve completed a Task you can also mark it as complete right in the Add-In.

As well as adding individual Tasks to Contacts, Projects and Opportunities, you can also select Tracks to add to Projects and Opportunities.

Use the Add-In from the iOS Outlook App

Using an Outlook App with an iPhone or iPad? The integration now works with Outlook there too, so you’ll be able to use our Outlook Add-In from whatever device suits you.

Not already using the Capsule Add-In for Outlook? Learn more about all the features here, including how to install it in your Outlook account.

We hope you enjoy using these new updates to the Add-In and if you have any questions or need support, contact our friendly support team.

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