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14 best sales training programs

Explore the best sales training programs to up your sales game and boost business.

Rose McMillan · April 18, 2024
14 best sales training programs

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Even the best sales teams need some training from time-to-time. These programs equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Staying ahead means constantly evolving. Sales training does just that – it helps your team not only meet but exceed their targets.

Luckily, there are hundreds of sales training programs available in all shapes and sizes. Online, in-person, self-paced, free – any team with any budget can find a sales course for themselves. And this is what we want to help you with.

We've gathered a list of the best sales training programs on the market. We looked at their uniqueness, comprehensiveness, and user reviews to help you make the best choice.

What is a sales training program?

A sales training program is a structured plan designed to improve the skills, knowledge, and strategies of sales professionals. It's a plan that shows them new ways to approach customers, deal with objections, and close deals faster.

Sales training can make a big difference in how your team performs. It turns average sellers into top performers and helps your best people get even better.

Now, how do you know a sales training program? Look for these signs:

  1. Sales aren't growing? Your team needs new tactics and a sales training program introduces them. It helps them get back on track.
  2. Team members falling behind? Everyone must hit their targets. Sales training levels the playing field – it gives everyone the tools to succeed.
  3. Launching new products? New challenges require new skills. Sales training prepares your team for these changes, which makes adapting easier.
  4. Customers unhappy? This means your approach needs work. Sales training teaches better ways to connect and make customers happy. Happy customers often become loyal ones.
  5. Deals dragging on? Your team might lack closing skills. Sales training offers new techniques, which makes closing faster and smoother.
  6. Team morale low? Confidence drives sales. Sales training boosts both – it shows your team you're invested in their growth.

If you recognise any of these signs, you need to consider training. That’s why we’ve composed this list – to help you make this difficult, albeit important choice.

14 best sales training programs

There's a sea of sales training out there. Online, in-person, or on your own time. We've got you covered, no matter your budget – we picked the cream of the crop for you. From free online gems to full-on workshops, we looked at what makes each of them effective.

Let's check out the 17 best sales training programs out there.

Free online sales training programs

Everyone likes a good freebie. These training programs are more than that – they can teach you valuable techniques and methodologies.

1. Channel 9 Sales Techniques - Using Competitive Sales Strategies

Price: Free

Length: 1.5-3 hours

Delivery: Online, self-paced

Theme: Competitive sales strategies, negotiation

Certified: Yes

Link: Sales Techniques - Using Competitive Sales Strategies

Channel 9's Sales Techniques - Using Competitive Sales Strategies course arms you with essential sales skills, starting with understanding what drives customers to make purchases. You're in control, learning at your own pace. You'll also learn to navigate the complex dynamics within companies, distinguishing between influence and outright power.

Transitioning from theory to practice, the course covers how to align the buying and selling cycles for maximum impact. You'll get insights into identifying your competitors and strategies to outperform them. On top of that, the course teaches the art of negotiation, aiming for outcomes that benefit both you and your customers. Plus, you'll learn how to craft compelling sales proposals that stand out.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand what makes customers buy.
  • Identify key influencers in a company.
  • Learn the difference between influence and power.
  • Master the buying and selling cycles.
  • Spot your competitors and their strategies.
  • Negotiate for mutual wins.
  • Create winning sales proposals.

Who's it for:

  • New sales professionals wanting a solid start.
  • Experienced sellers looking for new strategies.
  • Business owners aiming to increase sales.
  • Anyone interested in mastering negotiation.
  • Marketers seeking to understand sales better.

2 Amaro Araujo's Sales Negotiation Masterclass

Price: Free if you register and complete the course during trial period

Length: 1h14min

Delivery: Online, self-paced

Theme: Sales negotiation

Certified: No

Link: Sales Negotiation Masterclass

This course, hosted on Skillshare, spans just over an hour but packs a comprehensive guide to the essentials of negotiation. Sales Negotiation Masterclass has 15 lessons that cover everything from a negotiation promo video to wrapping up with support material.

This class is outlined to be accessible to learners at all levels. Amaro Araujo brings real-world experience and insights, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply. The course also includes business cases for hands-on practice, encouraging you to apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios.

What you'll learn:

  • The background and fundamentals of negotiation.
  • How to prepare and plan effectively for any negotiation.
  • Engaging in productive dialogue to understand and influence the other party.
  • Crafting compelling offers and proposals.
  • Techniques for closing deals confidently.
  • Steps for confirming, implementing, and reviewing agreements to guarantee success.

Who's it for:

  • Small business owners wanting to negotiate better deals.
  • Sales professionals looking to sharpen their negotiation skills.
  • Anyone interested in mastering the art of negotiation for personal or professional growth.
  • Marketers and salespeople seeking to align their efforts through strategic negotiation.

3. Paul Ferguson's How to Sell in 7 Effective Steps

Price: Free

Length: 1h17min

Delivery: Online, self-paced

Theme: General guide to selling effectively

Certified: No

Link: How to Sell in 7 Effective Steps

Paul Ferguson's How to Sell in 7 Effective Steps, is a concise course available on Udemy for free. It features real-world examples, practical exercises, and role-playing scenarios.

Ferguson's course is not just another sales tutorial. It's a manifesto for ethical and effective selling.

Here, success is measured not by the pressure exerted but by the value created and the relationships built. Ferguson's decades of experience and innovative approach to sales are distilled into this course. He offers learners a unique opportunity to rethink traditional sales narratives and adopt a more respectful, impactful strategy for selling.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the psychology of persuasion to influence buyer decisions.
  • Master effective communication to connect deeply with customers.
  • Tackle objections by turning them into opportunities.
  • Employ various closing techniques to seal deals successfully.
  • Engage in practical exercises and role-playing to apply what you've learned.

Who's it for:

  • Sales professionals aiming to sharpen their skills.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to boost their sales.
  • Managers and team leaders wanting to train their staff.
  • Job seekers and individuals new to sales seeking a solid foundation.
  • Anyone interested in becoming more persuasive in both personal and professional contexts.

4. Yale - Introduction to Negotiation

Price: Free

Length: 33h

Delivery: Online, self-paced

Theme: Sales negotiation

Certified: Yes

Link: Introduction to Negotiation

Yale University's Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator, taught by the esteemed Barry Nalebuff is a hit on Coursera. This course is available on Coursera for free and includes 33 hours of content designed to be completed at your own pace. With financial aid available, this course has already attracted over half a million learners worldwide.

This course offers a deep dive into negotiation through interactive case studies. Learners can practice their newly learnt skills then give, and receive feedback. They explore topics such as preparing for negotiations, making ultimatums, expanding the negotiation pie, and dealing with diverse perspectives. The course culminates with insights from negotiation experts, providing a well-rounded view of the art and science of negotiation.

What you'll learn:

  • A comprehensive framework for analyzing and shaping negotiations.
  • Techniques to make principled arguments that persuade others.
  • Strategies to uncover underlying interests beneath apparent conflicts.
  • Skills to predict, interpret, and shape the behavior of opponents in competitive situations.
  • Advanced negotiation tactics, including how to negotiate without power, over email, and understanding gender differences in negotiation.

Who's it for:

  • Professionals seeking to improve their negotiation skills in the business world.
  • Individuals looking to apply negotiation tactics in personal situations.
  • Students and lifelong learners interested in the principles of negotiation.
  • Anyone aiming to become more persuasive and principled in their negotiation approach.

Have you got some training budget that needs spending? Look no further than these paid sales training programs.

5. Dale Carnegie's Winning with Relationship Selling

Price: From $2,000 to $3,000, depending on location

Length: 2-3 days or 8 sessions once a week

Delivery: On-site course

Theme: Relationship selling

Certified: No

Link: Winning with Relationship Selling

Dale Carnegie's Winning with Relationship Selling course is a transformative experience aimed at sales professionals of all levels. This on-site course, ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the location and is offered in two formats: an intensive 3-day workshop or spread over 8 sessions once a week. While it does not lead to a formal certification, the practical skills and insights gained are invaluable.

Participants will emerge from this course with a deeper understanding of how to create mutual success for themselves and their clients. This understanding comes from the course's stress on relationship building. The course emphasizes practical application, with opportunities to practice new skills in real-world scenarios.

What you'll learn:

  • Build productive, trust-based relationships with clients.
  • Understand clients' real needs through powerful questioning and active listening.
  • Navigate sales without relying on price competition by focusing on customer wants and needs.
  • Apply Dale Carnegie's Sales Model to streamline the buying process and minimize objections.
  • Techniques for maintaining customer relationships for repeat business.

Who's it for:

  • New sales professionals seeking foundational sales skills.
  • Experienced salespeople looking to refresh or enhance their relationship selling techniques.
  • Sales managers and team leaders aiming to cultivate a customer-centric sales culture within their teams.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to improve their sales strategy and customer relations.
  • Any sales professional interested in adopting a more ethical, relationship-focused approach to selling.

6. Brooks Group Impact Selling Seminar

Price: $1,195

Length: 6 two-hour sessions

Delivery: Online workshop, scheduled

Theme: Six steps of the IMPACT sales methodology

Certified: No

Link: Impact Selling Seminar

The IMPACT Selling Seminar from Brooks Group focuses on a unique sales process. It's designed for sales professionals ready to enrich their skillset with new methodologies. This seminar is online and spans six two-hour sessions.

The IMPACT methodology is a structured sales process that guides sales professionals through six key stages: Investigate, Meet, Probe, Apply, Convince, and Tie-it-up. It starts with understanding the client's needs, then building rapport, and identifying solutions that align with those needs. The methodology emphasizes the importance of value-based selling and strategic questioning to uncover deeper insights. Finally, it focuses on closing the sale with solutions that benefit both the seller and the buyer. Win-win!

What you'll learn:

  • How to ask the right questions to find out what buyers really need.
  • Know every step of the sale and be prepared for surprises.
  • Get ready before the call – become the expert adviser buyers trust.
  • Fill your pipeline using strategies to find and keep qualified leads.
  • Sell with value, not price. Stand out and handle objections..
  • Match your style to the buyer and always recognise and adapt to different personalities.

Who's it for:

  • New salespeople searching for a solid foundation.
  • Experienced sellers trying to strengthen their skillset.
  • Sales teams looking for a unified approach.
  • Managers wanting better results from their teams.

7. Aslan Other-Centred Selling

Price: $5,000 up to $19,500

Length: Half a day up to two days

Delivery: Workshop, on-site, virtual, on-demand

Theme: Other-centered selling

Certified: No

Link: Other-Centred Selling

Aslan's Other-Centered Selling workshop transforms traditional sales approaches by focusing on the customer's needs rather than the sale itself. This program attempts to solve the number one problem sales reps face today: receptivity. The OCS course addresses the need for sellers to adapt by fostering genuine connections based on mutual respect and trust.

What you'll learn:

  • Techniques to become a trusted advisor rather than just a seller.
  • Strategies to uncover the real needs and challenges of customers.
  • Insights into understanding the driving forces behind a customer's business.
  • Methods to guide customers towards better solutions for their problems.
  • Ways to make the buying process easier and less risky for customers.

Who's it for:

  • Individuals in direct selling roles looking to increase engagement and close rates.
  • Those managing client accounts wishing to deepen relationships and grow accounts.
  • Sales professionals operating remotely seeking to enhance their sales approach.
  • Managers and executives aiming to instil a customer-centric sales culture in their teams.
  • Professionals focused on securing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Technical sales specialists interested in aligning solutions more closely with customer needs.

8. Sandler Sales Development Series

Price: $1,000 up to $3,000

Length: Continuous, with more modules added each month

Delivery: Online, self-paced

Theme: General sales training

Certified: Yes

Link: Sales Development Series

The Sandler Sales Development Series offers a transformative approach to sales training. It's designed to equip sales professionals with the skills needed to thrive in today's competitive market.

Participants will learn to navigate objections and negotiations effectively, close deals confidently, and master the art of retaining clients through upselling and cross-selling. With a focus on evolving behaviors, attitudes, and techniques, this series promises to help enhance the sales performance of your team. Supported by Sandler's robust Learning Management System, the course provides a dynamic and personalized learning experience. It's continuously updated with new modules to address the toughest sales challenges.

What you'll learn:

  • Behaviors, attitudes, and techniques to optimize sales performance.
  • Strategies to qualify opportunities, close more deals, and retain clients.
  • Transition from a salesperson to a trusted advisor with equal business stature.
  • Skills to turn objections into opportunities and focus on unique value rather than price.
  • Present what buyers need to hear to make a purchase decision.
  • Strategies for upselling and cross-selling to grow your business profitably.

Who's it for:

  • Individuals looking to elevate their sales performance with proven strategies.
  • Groups seeking to optimize their sales process and improve team performance.
  • Sales managers and executives aiming to upskill their teams and drive sales growth.
  • Beginners in sales seeking a solid foundation in effective sales practices.
  • Veterans looking to update their skills and adapt to the modern sales environment.

9. Insight Selling by RAIN Group

Price: $199/month

Length: Two days on-site or four virtual sessions plus 65+ lessons on demand

Delivery: Online, in-person, self-paced

Theme: Advanced consultative selling

Certified: Yes

Link: Insight Selling

Insight Selling: Advanced Consultative Selling is a comprehensive online course made to revolutionize your sales approach. This self-paced program, based on the acclaimed book Insight Selling by John Doerr, equips you with the skills to not just sell the value of your products and services, but to become the value yourself.

You'll learn to challenge buyers' assumptions, push them out of their comfort zones, and shape their thinking and agendas. The course covers how to initiate insight discussions with decision-makers, differentiate yourself in a crowded market, and use storytelling to compel action. With over 65 lessons, assignments, tools, and downloadable resources, this program is a deep dive into becoming an invaluable asset to your buyers.

What you'll learn:

  • Initiate and lead insight discussions with key decision-makers.
  • Differentiate yourself and your offerings from competitors.
  • Use strategic questioning to challenge and change buyer thinking.
  • Craft and telling stories that highlight your unique value and drive buyer action.

Who's it for:

  • Individuals and small teams looking to stand out by providing unique insights and value.
  • Salespeople aiming to increase their impact and success in consultative selling.
  • Anyone interested in learning advanced techniques to influence buyer decisions and close more deals.

10. Inside Sales Training by Salesbuzz

Price: $395

Length: Eight 50-minute classes

Delivery: Online self-paced

Theme: Inside phone sales

Certified: Yes

Link: Inside Sales Training

Inside Sales Training by Salesbuzz is a comprehensive online course specifically for B2B teams selling over the phone. This course tackles the core challenges of inside sales, including overcoming call reluctance, navigating gatekeepers, and mastering the art of leaving voicemails that prompt callbacks.

With a focus on building confidence, this program equips sales professionals with the skills to engage decision-makers effectively. From crafting compelling opening value statements to advanced consultative selling techniques, participants will learn to become indispensable to their customers' success.

What you'll learn:

  • Craft opening value statements that grab attention.
  • Strategies for getting past gatekeepers and increasing voicemail callbacks.
  • Techniques for engaging prospects and uncovering problems they weren’t aware of.
  • Qualify prospects effectively to streamline the sales process.
  • Tailor presentations to prospects' hot buttons and handling objections confidently.
  • Effective follow-up strategies and generating referrals through social selling.
  • Goal setting and time management skills to boost productivity and sales performance.

Who's it for:

  • Inside sales professionals looking to reinforce their phone sales skills.
  • Sales teams seeking to reduce call reluctance and improve engagement with decision-makers.
  • B2B sales representatives aiming to differentiate themselves and their offerings.
  • Any salesperson who wants to master the art of selling over the phone, from cold calls to closing deals.

11. Hoffman Hallmarks

Price: $395/year membership

Length: Over 6 hours

Delivery: Online self-paced

Theme: Full sales walkthrough from starting to closing the deal

Certified: No

Link: Hoffman Hallmarks

Hoffman Hallmarks is a dynamic sales training collection tailored for the modern sales professional. Created by Jeff Hoffman, a renowned sales expert, this program is celebrated for its practical, time-efficient approach to sales training. Recognised globally and trusted by over 200,000 professionals, Hoffman Hallmarks offers a variety of formats to fit any schedule.

From quick one-minute sales hacks to in-depth thirty-minute practice sessions, this program has all the answers just moments away. Having trouble with a ghosting customer, a new objection, or a delayed contract? Hoffman provides the tools and techniques to navigate these challenges effectively.

What you'll learn:

  • Quick and effective sales techniques with Hoffman Hacks™.
  • Real-world deal review and analysis with Close It or Kill It™.
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses assessment with Scorecard™.
  • Comprehensive sales strategies covering the entire sales process from outreach to closing.

Who's it for:

  • Sales professionals seeking efficient and effective sales training.
  • Teams looking for real-world sales strategies and techniques.
  • Individuals or organizations needing flexible learning options.
  • Anyone in sales looking to improve their skills in a time-efficient manner.

12. Janek's Critical Selling Skills

Price: $1,245 per participant

Length: 2 days

Delivery: Self-paced on-demand learning

Theme: Sales scenarios across all stages of the sales process

Certified: Yes

Link: Critical Selling Skills

Janek's Critical Selling Skills program transforms sales professionals into Trusted Advisors. Participants learn to navigate modern sales environments. They quickly build trust, differentiate their offerings through value, and exceed customer expectations. The course equips them with consultative approaches and the confidence to handle challenging sales scenarios, unlocking new levels of effectiveness and winning more business.

What you'll learn:

  • Techniques to quickly establish rapport and trust with customers.
  • Strategies for differentiating offerings and creating value.
  • Methods to achieve Trusted Advisor status and exceed customer expectations.
  • Skills to uncover customer needs and present persuasive solutions.
  • Approaches to reduce and overcome customer objections effectively.

Who's it for:

  • Sales professionals seeking to enhance their consultative selling skills.
  • Teams needing to adapt to modern customer expectations and sales environments.
  • Individuals aiming to transition from traditional product-based selling to value-focused approaches.
  • Salespeople looking to build stronger, trust-based customer relationships and close more deals.

13. Sales Accelerator for Sales Managers

Price: $107/month

Length: Two monthly 60-minute virtual events and a library of lessons

Delivery: Online on-demand

Theme: Down-to-earth sales and providing valuable insights to customers

Certified: No

Link: Sales Accelerator for Sales Managers

The Sales Accelerator for Sales Managers program equips sales managers and their teams with the tools and techniques needed to smash sales targets. This program focuses on practical, no-nonsense sales strategies and providing deep insights to customers. From overcoming call reluctance to mastering the art of closing deals, this course covers all bases.

This program uniquely combines the flexibility of on-demand learning with the benefits of monthly virtual events, led by Anthony Iannarino and other sales experts.

What you'll learn:

  • Master no-rubbish sales techniques that cut through the noise and deliver results.
  • Learn how to provide valuable insights to customers, setting you apart from the competition.
  • Discover strategies for overcoming call reluctance and engaging decision-makers effectively.
  • Gain skills in navigating sales from cold calls to closing, with practical, actionable strategies.
  • Understand how to use modern sales tactics that resonate with today's buyers.

Who's it for:

  • Sales managers looking to strengthen their team's performance and results.
  • Sales professionals eager to refine their approach and increase their success rate.
  • Teams in need of a comprehensive, on-demand training solution that fits their schedule.
  • Anyone in sales seeking to adopt an effective approach to meeting and exceeding sales targets.

14. JBarrows Driving to Close

Price: $749/year per user

Length: Three 2-hour sessions over 1-2 weeks

Delivery: On-demand catalog plus live monthly training

Theme: General sales training

Certified: Yes

Link: Driving to Close

The JBarrows Driving to Close program is a comprehensive sales training program created for sales professionals at any level who aim to improve their deal-closing skills. This program introduces a unique "deal scorecard" concept, enabling participants to objectively assess the health of opportunities in their pipeline. It covers a wide range of essential sales topics, including negotiation strategies, creating a custom scorecard for deal assessment, distinguishing between qualification and discovery, and effective meeting preparation.

The course is led by John Barrows, a renowned sales expert, who takes the time to answer questions individually.

What you'll learn:

  • Navigate the "Gives" and "Gets" of negotiations to balance value exchange.
  • Develop a custom scorecard to objectively evaluate sales opportunities.
  • Differentiate between qualification and discovery to optimize sales funnel management.
  • Prepare effectively for meetings with a comprehensive pre-meeting checklist.
  • Control meetings and confirm outcomes to drive deals forward.
  • Utilize impactful questioning techniques to uncover customer needs and create urgency.
  • Follow up with prospects to make for commitment and accountability.

Who's it for:

  • Sales professionals seeking to improve their closing rates and deal management.
  • Sales teams looking for a unified approach to evaluating and advancing sales opportunities.
  • Individuals new to sales who want to build a strong foundation in sales techniques.
  • Experienced salespeople aiming to refresh their skills and adopt new strategies for modern sales environments.

Key takeaways

Sales training is essential for boosting your team's skills and staying competitive. With a wide array of options available, finding the right fit for your team and budget is easier than ever. Training transforms average sellers into stars and keeps your best performers sharp.

If you're noticing signs like stagnant sales, team struggles, or unhappy customers, it's time to consider training. No matter if you're launching new products or dealing with low team morale, training can provide the solutions you need.

These programs cover a broad spectrum, from inbound sales to closing deals, offering valuable insights for both newbies and seasoned pros. With formats ranging from free online courses to paid in-person sessions, many of which offer certification, there's something for everyone.

So, what will you learn from these sales training programs? Expect to discover how to attract and engage customers, seal the deals that feel good for everyone involved, and keep customers coming back for more. You'll get to know new tactics, learn to handle objections, and understand how to integrate sales into marketing efforts – and vice versa.

Final thoughts

Investing in sales training is more than just a commitment to individual growth. It's a strategic move towards your team's success. The right training program can transform your sales approach and improve customer relationships.

Sales is one of the most dynamic industries. Keeping your team updated with the latest strategies, tools, and techniques is extremely important for maintaining an edge.

As you consider the options, focus on programs that align with your team's goals and learning preferences. Look for training that offers practical, actionable strategies and emphasizes real-world application. And don't underestimate the value of certification – it can further impact your team's credibility and confidence.

In the end, the best sales training program is the one that leads to measurable improvements in performance and customer satisfaction. So, take the leap, invest in your team's potential, and watch as they achieve—and exceed—their sales targets. The future of your sales success begins with the decision to grow and learn today!

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