Transpond - Email Marketing & Tools

Intuitive email marketing to help your business grow

Transpond is our easy to use email tool that helps you take your marketing further. It works perfectly in sync with Capsule to create a powerful combination of CRM and marketing tool.

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Run email campaigns to your Capsule contacts

Sync contacts easily between Capsule and Transpond

See how recipients interact with emails from within Capsule

Email Campaigns

Create stunning email campaigns and templates

It's easy to create email templates that really get noticed and drive a response from your contacts. Whether you’re starting with a blank page or modifying a pre-built template, Transpond gets you up and running and sending campaigns quickly.

Transpond Automation

Set up automations, achieve more

Let Transpond do the hard work for you. If you need basic automations or more advanced sequences driven by actions within Capsule, you can set things up to drive the right outcomes exactly as you need.

Transpond Stats

Access clear analytics, gain great insights

Enhance your understanding of what your contacts do and how they interact with your communications. The powerful insight Transpond offers lets you know who has opened which communication, where they are in the world and what device they’ve used.

Dynamic Content

Deliver the right messages at the right time

Create dynamic content driven for specific groups of contacts and really tailor your messages. All you need to do is update content when it needs changing - the rest is taken care of.


Set up forms, grow your prospects

Set up forms easily with Transpond's drag and drop builder. Ensure you’re keeping your pot of prospects growing and are capturing the right details.

Transactional Emails

Send timely emails, build more loyalty

Ensure your contacts are fully informed following purchases or kick off onboarding journeys. They're simple to set up, and are plugged in to analytics so you can see what's happening.

Need other email functionality?

Email integrations

Whether you use Outlook or Gmail you can easily integrate Capsule to action emails and manage contacts straight from your inbox.

Email Templates

Create email templates and send emails from within Capsule via your mailbox in just a few clicks, giving you back time to spend elsewhere.

Shared mailboxes

Add a shared email address such as 'support@' or 'sales@' to allow all Capsule users to send emails from it.

Storing email conversations

Store emails easily by forwarding them to an email address unique to your account or via our Outlook and Gmail integrations.

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