Holly Hinton, the managing director of Web Goddess had a problem. She was tired of the existing web design and SEO market which often saw clients being exploited and not receiving the support they needed.

This frustration led her to form Web Goddess, a web design and SEO company that focuses on supporting small to medium-sized businesses. They focus on educating their clients on how they can solve their digital marketing problems meaning they can continue to build their strategy in the future.

Managing growth

In just under 10 years, Web Goddess has grown from a sole trader into a limited company that serves both new and repeat clients. This meant that the organization had to grow to meet their increasing demands by taking on more staff.

With so many clients to manage and different projects happening simultaneously, it realized they needed a solution that allowed them to manage their ongoing projects efficiently.

Holly said: Our clients tend to come to us asking for one service, but when they see what else we offer they often ask for more help on other things. Being able to track our history with each client was important.”

Finding a solution

Web Goddess wanted to find a system that acted as a central hub for all of their client data. Whether it was leads and opportunities, client management information, or project progress. The team were struggling to track the disparate portions of their sales process and didn’t want to waste time switching between different systems throughout the workday.

Capsule provided a solution to this challenge. Holly said: “No matter who picks up an email or speaks to a client, we are all ‘in the know’ in terms of what we’re doing for them.

The simplicity of the system is also a huge bonus. New members of staff can quickly get to grips with the system and understand how we use it.

Discovering Capsule’s features

Initially, Capsule CRM didn’t meet these growing needs. Web Goddess needed something with robust project management features to help streamline their productivity but it struggled to find the right solution.

Holly said: “Originally we chose ClickUp as an interim solution, but it didn’t work as both a CRM and project management tool. It was clunky and full of bugs and with bigger clients coming on board we needed to manage larger projects.”

Capsule’s new project management tools became the perfect solution for the team. It allowed them to track how projects were progressing and streamline processes without having to worry about overly complicated processes.

She adds: “The notes tool helps us a lot. We find that most of our business comes via referral so being able to track these via a custom field means we can reward those referral partners too.”

Increasing productivity and profitability

When managing a project, visibility is key. The right software allows managers from different departments to track the progress of the project and streamline their approach. This helps them focus on what needs to be done, boosting the team’s overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Capsule has definitely increased our productivity, we don’t have to repeat manual steps for each client - Capsule does that for us.

This improved productivity has improved Web Goddess’ finances.. By having client data at their fingertips, they’re able to better onboard new customers, and support and retain their existing ones.

“Since we began using Capsule in July, we have closed £25K of new business. However, we still have a way to go to make sure we are tracking everything effectively, so the real number is likely around £32K when we include retainer clients and return clients.”

Key takeaways

Simple onboarding: Capsule’s easy-to-use interface helped Holly and her team easily integrate our solution into their day-to-day work. This helped them streamline their approach and keep all their relevant data in one place.

Adapting to customer needs: We understand that our customer’s needs are constantly changing and with new features being launched frequently, Capsule can adapt to keep supporting your business.

Increase profitability: Increased productivity is great for your bottom line. By eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you can focus on the bigger picture and grow your business.


Managing the growth of your business can be a challenge. With the right tools, you may be able to track the progress of your projects and client relationships.

With a CRM you can keep all your essential data in one place so you can streamline your processes and boost productivity. Better productivity leads to increased profitability, which is why so many businesses choose to invest in the software that works for them.

Manage your projects easily and increase your profits and customer success with Capsule. Want to discover more about how Capsule can help your business? Start your 14-day free trial today.