Dave Baines is the co-founder and Director of Hyperact, a tech consultancy established in 2022. The company helps startups and scale-ups create and grow digital products that scale.

Despite being a young company, Hyperact has grown rapidly and employs a permanent designer and 12 associates. They've worked with various established businesses to help them build and improve mobile and web apps and their supporting platforms, providing support across product strategy, discovery and delivery.

But as any new company knows, growing your client base can be a labor of love, and nurturing client relationships requires expert planning, consistent communication and personalized interactions. Together these help the team to deliver high-quality work while ensuring that every interaction is consistent in quality.

Taking control of client interactions

The team started by using free tools like Google Sheets to manage their customer interactions. But it didn’t take them long to realize that it wasn’t going to work in the long run. They needed a system that kept all their essential information in one place so they could easily refer to their customer notes.

Baines explained: “We were very keen to build the best employee value proposition that we could, and a big part of that is having the best cutting-edge tools with modern tech integrations.”

This is where Capsule came in. Initially, it was used for prospecting and business development but soon it was expanded for use in manager-contractor relationships more effectively. Capsule helped the team create efficient processes that provided better visibility for business opportunities.

They needed a solution that helped alleviate any complexities and instead streamlined their operations. Dave explains: “With Capsule we can quickly understand how many contractors we have on the books, who is best suited for each job as well as their rates and availability.”

Secure yet simple integration

Despite their tech-savvy team, Hyperact wanted a tool that was simple and user-friendly but still placed a lot of emphasis on data security.

Dave said: “We had a baseline of what we felt we needed to meet when considering security. We didn’t need to dig too long to discover that Capsule more than met that requirement, plus it was cheaper than most of the other solutions we looked at.”

Baines wanted the whole team to get on board with their new system quickly, so simplicity was key. Capsule provided them with all the features they needed but the easy-to-use interface made using the system a breeze. They quickly began to make their custom integrations and utilized tools that allowed them to import data from important sources like LinkedIn.

Integrations with other business tools such as Retool, helped them facilitate better business development through Slack notifications and updates on the sales pipeline.

On integrations, Baines said: “Integration was always important to us, it was one of the first things looked at when we started.

“Having a central place to manage tasks was a great help, at the time we were managing comms manually which was taking way too much time.

Capsule helped us automate and free up time for more important tasks.

Building a future-proof system

Capsule’s integrations have allowed Hyperact to streamline its operations, especially in business development and client management. This helps Hyperact develop better opportunities in the future thanks to their improved ability to build professional relationships.

“Capsule provided clarity and gave our business a way forward” Baines adds “Our usage of Capsule over the last 18 months has matured and so our success rate has grown alongside it.

In the last 12 months, we’ve seen a 48% increase in conversion

Hyperact wants to explore further integrations and uses for Capsule, whether it's time-sheeting systems or tracking client engagement to ensure they receive the attention they need.

“It’s great seeing how other companies use Capsule. We want to ensure we’re getting all the benefits we can from the system and that includes finding new ways to utilize the tool”.

Capsule’s integrated CRM for project management helps teams handle sales and service without having to switch between platforms. The built-in 'Projects' tool simplifies things, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

Key takeaways

Strategic CRM selection enhances efficiency: The right CRM is crucial for streamlining business operations. You need to know what tools you need to enhance your operational efficiency and boost business performance.

Adaptability and growth amid challenges: Every business will face challenges, but with the right tools you can remain resilient and face challenges head-on.

Customize integrations to fit business needs: Hyperact's development of custom integrations showcases the importance of tailoring CRM systems to specific business needs. Leveraging the customization features of Capsule can significantly enhance your unique workflow.

Continuous Improvement and Future Planning: Businesses need to be constantly looking to the future for new and innovative ways to boost their business. Your CRM should support your business continuously as you develop and grow.


Without the right CRM for your business, you could find yourself struggling to handle your customer relationships positively and productively. It can become a balancing act keeping track of your interactions and ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

That’s where Capsule comes in. Our easy-to-use solution gives you the tools you need to stay organized, building better relationships and boosting your conversion rates.

Make the most of your CRM just like Hyperact, by adapting it to fit your needs. Want to discover more about how Capsule can help your business? Start your 14-day free trial today.